Blog Protecting Data, Documents, and the Customer Experience

Protecting Data, Documents, and the Customer Experience

Protecting Data, Documents, and the Customer Experience

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Your enterprise likely has data security tools in place. But are they easy to use? Or flexible? And do they securely communicate with your customer and partner systems?

It is a universal truth: security that is complicated won’t be used. Complicated workflows frustrate your customers and increase the odds that your internal staff will bypass security entirely, leaving your enterprise vulnerable. For many organizations, regulatory compliance supersedes all else, with flexibility and user experience often lower on the priority list—falling into the “nice to have” category. But there is no need to choose one over the other.

DataMotion’s secure message center allows you to have the security and compliance you need while providing a superior customer experience.

Our secure message center offers an experience as frictionless as it is secure. But don’t take our word for it. In today’s blog entry, we’re sharing resources that include the basics around the secure message center and several DataMotion customer success stories. You’ll read about how these enterprises streamlined workflows and processes, improving the customer experience while maintaining a high level of data security and compliance—and how your business can accomplish this too.

Security, Efficiency, and Compliance: The Basics

In this short video, Christian Grunkemeyer shares an overview of DataMotion’s secure message center, including what it is, how it works, who uses it, and why your enterprise should consider our secure email, messaging, and file exchange solutions.

Health Insurance, Wealth Management, and Consumer Finance Walk into a Secure Exchange Company…

Our latest eBook features three real-life case studies where organizations streamlined their workflows, connected disparate departments and systems, reduced inquiry resolution time, and improved customer experience. This was accomplished after implementing DataMotion’s secure messaging solution. Your business can do all this and more while maintaining regulatory compliance and strong data security – download the eBook today.

Meet the Secure Message Center

Sensitive human resources data and documents. Account numbers. Onboarding information.  Confidential investment outlooks. Research. Proprietary designs. Client and policyholder communications. No matter your organization type or regulation status, there is information that is exchanged daily that should be protected. In the four-part “Meet the Secure Message Center” series, Christian Grunkemeyer offers a full look at the secure message center, going over the basics, several real-life customer case studies, a number of everyday use cases, and finally, covering some FAQs.

Why DataMotion?

As mentioned earlier in this post, your enterprise probably already has some data security tools in place. These may even include a secure exchange solution, similar to a secure message center. What makes DataMotion’s secure message center different? In addition to our military-grade encryption and a zero-trust secure platform, factors such as simplicity and flexibility set our solutions apart. Easily integrated into existing internal and customer-facing workflows, DataMotion’s secure message center allows users to work in their natural environment. Its flexibility enables your enterprise to scale workflows as needed, from pilot to mission critical, and everything in between.

Ready to get started on modernizing your enterprise’s secure workflows and client experience? Contact our team of security experts to set up an introductory call and demo today.