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Your Fast Track to Building a Gen AI Practice

DataMotion enables partners to grow their AI practice by integrating our Al-powered PaaS into their customers’ portals and apps. The platform provides GenAl chat on defined data sources, along with secure exchange for messages, forms, and large documents, enabling partners to offer a unique, differentiated solution to their customers.

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Plug In, Power Up: Effortless Integration

Flexible Deployment Options

We offer a range of integration methods based on your needs. Our no-code approach is ideal when minimal integration and the quickest turnaround are needed. For embedding inside login-protected portals and apps, choose our rapid low-code widget. For complete control over the UI, we offer a pro-code API approach.

Save time and effort developing integrations by choosing DataMotion as your reliable partner.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

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    Support reduction
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Meet JenAI Assist

Embrace the future of productivity with secure and compliant AI

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The DataMotion Platform is designed to meet and surpass regulated industries’ stringent security and compliance requirements, establishing us as a trusted security partner. Our zero-trust design ensures maximum security, while our seamless integrations into user experiences enable you to become a strategic asset to your customers.


Elevate Your Game With DataMotion

Transform Your Business

In addition to our game-changing JenAI Assist solution, DataMotion offers a robust suite of pro-code APIs, low-code and no-code solutions for secure, encrypted workflow automation including document and message exchange, AI Chat, and Forms in portals, applications, and covers a range of functions from user account management to secure messaging and file storage.

  • Seamless, secure social communication: Refined digital interactions safeguarded for peace of mind
  • Effortless, compliant customer exchanges: Simplify your communications with secure and compliant communications
  • Unmatched in compliant data exchange: DataMotion leads with its unparalleled commitment to compliant data solutions.

“We have engaged DataMotion at my company for data transfers. The platform's file transfer solution enables us to securely transfer files between different sites, ensuring that sensitive information is not compromised during the transfer process. It also offers us a robust and secure messaging solutions that allow team members and clients to collaborate in a secure manner.”

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