Powerful Direct Secure Messaging for Healthcare

Establishing flexible, scalable, and agile clinical workflows is essential for coordinating patient care, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes. Just as important is ensuring the security of protected health information (PHI) as it is exchanged across clinical and non-clinical endpoints. Unlock the value of Direct Secure Messaging and enjoy the benefits of easy interoperability, a vast exchange network, higher levels of patient engagement, and government payment incentives with DataMotion’s secure healthcare solutions.

Elevate Quality of Care with ADT Notifications

Complying with the CMS requirement for Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) Event Notifications is a step forward to ensuring doctors and physicians are armed with enough information to make informed decisions regarding patient care. Using Direct Secure Messaging for ADT event notifications is your shortest path to compliance and aids in improving patient care, reducing hospital readmissions, and improving patient outcomes.
Direct secure messaging for healthcare organizations reduces friction and complexity when meeting regulatory compliance goals.

Secure Clinical Information Exchange in Healthcare

HIPAA strikes fear into the hearts of many healthcare workers — and for good reason. They understand the careful steps they must take to keep patient information safe from poor data practices. These steps can become exhausting and lead to additional costs, downtime and frustration for providers, administrators, and patients. Fortunately, there is a simpler way to securely exchange clinical information. DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging enables the secure and compliant exchange of patient data and electronic health records (EHRs) by integrating with clinical workflows to streamline operations, protect PHI, and improve satisfaction.

Unlock Your Organization's Potential

Unleash reimbursement incentives from pay-for-value programs like Shared Savings, Promoting Interoperability-MIPS, and Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI). Our ONC Certified and DirectTrust™ accredited health information technology provide simple and secure methods to meet these reimbursement initiatives, without complicating the end-user experience.

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Improve Clinical Data Workflows

Enable clinical data sharing requirements for information exchange with DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging. Meet reimbursement incentives effectively and improve patient care.

Secure Data Transfer for Health Information Exchanges

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) easily enable interoperability through Direct Secure Messaging services, offering a better exchange of clinical data to providers, clinicians, and patients.

Superior Secure Exchange with Extensive Connectivity

It’s time for Direct Messaging services that are flexible, scalable, and compatible with a wide range of systems. DataMotion works with over 100 electronic medical record (EMR)/electronic health record (EHR) systems and provides access to over 2.8 million Direct Addresses and 5.3 million NPI Addresses, enabling simple and trusted data exchange for HIEs, providers and vendors. With the ability to handle more than 2 million message exchanges per day, we go beyond other Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) to enable large-scale and nationwide public health reporting.

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Boost Patient Engagement with Direct Secure Messaging

We’re in the 21st century — your patients expect a modern approach. They want to access their health records easily, and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) grants them that power.

Patients using Direct Secure Messaging to access treatment plans might catch inaccuracies in their chart or request more information if they don’t understand something, making patient outcomes that much better.

Our web service APIs for Direct Secure Messaging give patients access to their information through an affordable, interoperable and population-scale service. Automation for certificates, provisioning and on-boarding is provided.

Read more about patient engagement and see how DataMotion benefits your healthcare ecosystem.

Make Your Communication as Effective as Your Care

Our mission is to dramatically improve the flow of health information in a secure and cost-effective way. Your success is our success. Check out a few of our customer success stories to see how DataMotion has helped others: