Secure Data Delivery Is in Our DNA

Since day one we've been creating secure digital exchange solutions — helping customers quickly and efficiently exchange information within their existing workflows.

Our Mission

DataMotion provides a suite of APIs that enable secure digital business.  Our APIs modernize business processes by bringing together information exchange with the way employees, customers and partners want to work. Maximum productivity, customer retention and peace of mind are our passions.

Delivering a Secure Digital Future

Security and compliance shouldn’t get in the way of a modern, easy, digital experience for your customers, partners and employees, especially those in regulated industries. As a trusted API company, DataMotion raises the bar for improving productivity, customer retention and peace of mind.

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Secure Data Exchange that Works for You

Millions of users worldwide in financial services, healthcare, insurance and government turn to DataMotion to improve operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profitability while mitigating security and compliance risks. Simply put, we make our customers’ business better. Integrating our secure document, messaging and email exchange services through APIs and pre-built solutions streamlines workflows and creates a better, simplified digital experience.

The DataMotion Advantage

High cost and complex secure email, message, and document sharing is a thing of the past. The benefits our customers experience find their way into every nook and cranny of their business. We specialize on the important things to let you offer the best user experience in the industry while increasing customer satisfaction, privacy compliance, data visibility and business process efficiency — all while saving costs.

Our customers build and empower best-of-breed customer experiences via efficient, secure digital workflows.

DataMotion services transparently integrate into your businesses processes to make them better, faster and more cost effective.

We employ military-grade encryption and meet security and regulatory needs for compliance with major organizations in regulated industries.

With over 20 years of experience delivering and implementing mission-critical secure data exchange solutions, we’re pros at helping you get the job done.

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Solutions for Resourceful Types

Whether you’re developing a solution with the help of our APIs and secure data exchange solutions or utilizing our pre-built products, we’ve got you covered. Our specialty is turning you into a superhero, giving you a wide range of easy to consume capabilities through our Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) APIs and solutions.


Don’t have time to develop something? Well, we’ve already done it for you! Our customers leverage the power of our SaaS services to accelerate business processes through modern, secure digital data exchange. We offer many pre-built easy-to-use solutions to enable your employees and systems to securely exchange sensitive documents with your customers and partners, including allowing external users to initiate inbound secure email, message and forms exchanges with you.


Our extensive array of connectors and APIs are leveraged by developers, software vendors and system integrators to quickly and seamlessly enhance their solutions with secure digital exchange. Our trusted APIs can help you dramatically reduce development time and enable powerful, transparent and integrated features for your users.

Get started now!

Find out how DataMotion can transform your business processes.

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It All Started with a Need and an Idea...

DataMotion was started because our co-founders needed a way to provide simple, secure, trackable delivery for electronically sending software and unlock codes to a global customer base. It had to be easy to use, scalable and safe. Inspired by the need to combine usability with security, DataMotion was born.

Since then, we’ve maintained our focus on security, ease of use and satisfaction — namely, yours! Through wide-reaching benefits and uses, exceptional security practices and affordable pricing models, we have decades of experience helping our customers improve their operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.  We’d love to partner with you and create what’s next.

“Above and beyond your products, we are even more satisfied with the DataMotion support team. They have jumped on client calls on the spur of the moment to troubleshoot issues, provided content for presentations, quickly answered every single question we’ve thrown at them and worked late nights to help iron out the kinks. That’s above and beyond what we would expect, and we couldn’t be happier.”

– Luke Shipman, Senior Director Business Development, par8o

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Leadership Team

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer – Chief Financial Officer

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Senior Vice President of Marketing


Vice President of Sales

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