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Discover how DataMotion is transforming secure data exchange with Enterprise GenAI—enhancing the way businesses communicate, collaborate, and make decisions across highly regulated industries.

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Who We Are

DataMotion is more than just a provider of Secure Digital Exchange solutions. As award-winning innovators and leaders, we are dedicated to transforming how businesses manage and protect sensitive data through cutting-edge AI integrations. We offer robust security and compliance, serving industries like financial services and healthcare, and tailoring solutions to meet the needs of all our customers, from AI newcomers to advanced users.

Our pioneering technologies, including JenAI Assist, blend AI power with human insight to optimize workflows and enhance client interactions. We hold prestigious certifications from HITRUST, EHNAC, DirectTrust, and Drummond with GDPR, SOX, and PCI-DSS compliance, highlighting our commitment to security and excellence.

At DataMotion, our team is committed to delivering exceptional service and support, ensuring your data remains secure with a trusted partner. Join us on the leading edge of secure digital exchange and AI innovation as we help you navigate your digital transformation.

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Our Vision

To be the world’s most customer-centric secure data exchange provider, shaping the way companies in regulated industries communicate and interact with their customers.

We aim to revolutionize enterprise performance through AI-driven digital engagements, enhancing end-user experiences, and optimizing operational efficiency. We are committed to responsibly advancing AI’s pivotal role in the digital landscape, leading the charge in user interaction to empower customer journeys and drive digital transformation.


DataMotion: A History of Progress

Since 1999, DataMotion has evolved from a secure data exchange provider to a leader in digital communications for regulated industries. Our timeline showcases key milestones that highlight our commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare, finance, and the public sector.

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Our Inception

DataMotion was founded in 1999 with the objective of providing secure data exchange solutions. Over time, we specialized in products and services that ensure secure and compliant communication for businesses, particularly in the highly regulated industries of healthcare, finance, and the public sector.

Next-Gen Platform Introduction

DataMotion launched its second-generation platform, expanding services to integrators and providers, introducing DataMotion Direct, a secure email service for healthcare organizations

Leading the Way

As pioneers in secure digital exchange, we lead in regulated sectors like Finance, Insurance, and Healthcare. Our Secure Digital Engagement Platform, now powered by Generative AI, enhances employee and client experiences, building on our legacy of secure solutions.

Meet Our Team

Meet the team shaping secure data exchange solutions.

Management Team Board of Directors

Bob Janacek

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Jaworski

Chief Operating Officer – Chief Financial Officer

Jim Hyde

Vice President of Sales

Andrew McKenna VP of Product

Andrew Mckenna

Vice President of Product Management

Anne Marie Murray

Senior Director of Marketing

Shaun Good

Director of Technology

Peter Tippett


Bob Janacek

Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Ridder Crampton


Matt Harrell


Kevin Johnson


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