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Power Generative AI With Your Data

The DataMotion platform features a Generative AI-powered Chat and Research Assistant, utilizing a large language model based on your curated content. This ensures secure and highly relevant interactions, both public and private.

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The Platform to Fast Track Your AI Journey

Unified Customer Engagement with DataMotion

With over two decades of innovation, DataMotion technology unifies customer engagement by seamlessly integrating multiple, fragmented systems into a single secure platform. Leveraging a zero-trust architecture, the solution ensures robust data security and privacy by design.

The Generative AI solution maintains a unified approach, avoiding the pitfalls of fragmented systems. It enhances your digital ecosystem with a cohesive, comprehensive platform that integrates encrypted emails, secure document sharing, form submissions, and AI-enhanced chats, ensuring a seamless experience.

Say goodbye to patchwork solutions and hello to a streamlined approach that simplifies your operations and secures every interaction, all within one powerful platform.

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Seamless Escalation. Informed Interactions.

AI-Powered. Human-Backed

Generative AI solutions from DataMotion are designed for collaboration, not just assistance, ensuring easy access to expert human intervention when necessary. The system simplifies escalating issues to live specialists, such as financial advisors, doctors, or insurance providers, whenever needed.

Effortless Transition from AI to Human:

  • Instant Escalation: At any point during an AI interaction, users can choose to connect with a specialist. Our system ensures that these transitions are smooth.
  • Informed Specialists: When you escalate an issue, the human specialist receives a comprehensive briefing, including the entire AI chat history. This ensures they are fully prepared and can provide informed responses without needing repetitive information.
  • Integrated Support: Specialists responses are received in the same platform, ensuring a unified experience. This integration allows them to leverage all the context provided by the AI, enhancing their ability to offer precise and personalized support.

The approach ensures that while AI handles routine inquiries efficiently, human experts are ready to step in with their nuanced understanding and specialized knowledge whenever more complex issues arise.

Streamline Customer Engagement with Unified, Secure Channels.

Generative AI Driven by Curated Content

Generative AI solutions from DataMotion leverage curated content to deliver precise and relevant insights. By utilizing message exchanges, enterprise data, internal files, intranet content, and public website information, the insights provided are directly relevant to your business needs. This approach enhances security with internally approved content and strict compliance for regulated industries. Tailored to your specific use case, the solution offers a personalized, efficient experience. Control the content used by the Large Language Model by user or user group.

Unlocking Deeper Understanding with Precision

Leveraging Retrieval-Augmented Generation for Enhanced Data Insights

The use of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology marks a significant leap forward in how data is utilized to drive business decisions. RAG empowers the solutions to dynamically pull relevant information and insights from a vast array of curated data sources, ensuring that every piece of advice or decision support is backed by the most comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge available.

  • Enhanced Accuracy and Relevance: By accessing and integrating information in real-time, RAG ensures that the responses and insights provided are not only accurate but highly relevant to the current context and business environment.
  • Streamlined Decision-Making: RAG reduces the time needed for data retrieval and analysis, allowing for quicker responses and more efficient decision-making processes.
  • Customized Knowledge Retrieval: Tailored specifically to your business needs, RAG accesses only the data that is most pertinent to your queries, ensuring that every interaction is maximized for impact and efficiency.
  • Scalable Adaptability: As more data becomes available, RAG continuously adapts, improving its ability to serve up precisely what is needed at any given moment.

By integrating RAG into the platform, clients not only keep pace with the rapidly evolving data landscape but also stay ahead of the curve, turning information into a powerful competitive advantage.

Discover the Power of Generative AI with JenAI Assist

Elevate your digital capabilities with JenAI Assist’s two dynamic modes designed for efficiency and intelligence, these solutions transform your communications and data analysis.

JenAI Assist

JenAI Assist Chat redefines digital exchanges by empowering users with an intuitive, GenAI-enabled chat interface that delivers precise and prompt responses. This AI chat harnesses approved company and user data sources, ensuring a secure and accurate user experience.

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JenAI Assist Research Mode

Unlock the power of your own data with DataMotion’s latest innovation, JenAI Assist Research Mode. This new feature empowers our customers and partners to leverage their existing content, from internal documents to intranet resources, efficiently and effectively.

DataMotion’s Generative AI Solution Benefits

Generative AI-enabled secure exchange solutions allow your users to leverage the power of LLMs with the accuracy of pre-approved enterprise sources of data. By embedding generative AI into the customer experience, you merge automation and human support through a conversational interface.

Get to Know JenAI Assist

Revolutionize customer engagement with JenAI Assist: AI-powered chat, smart forms, expert assistance, and secure messaging.