Extend Your Existing Apps and Portals

Seamlessly Secure Without the Switch

Empower your business with secure data exchange directly within your most used CRM, contact center, and collaboration platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Genesys, enhancing your employees productivity by eliminating the need to switch applications.

Flexibly Seamless: Integrate More, Replace Less

Seamless experience and the flexibility to integrate with additional applications without the need to replace existing solutions.

Zero-Trust Security: Rest Easy with Full Compliance

A zero-trust, trust no one, trust nothing design ensures risk and compliance groups can rest easy.

Fast, Reliable, Secure Communications

Simplify Secure Communications

Integrate DataMotion’s solutions into your custom apps or enterprise systems for streamlined, secure messaging, document, and form exchange. Eliminate the hassle of platform switching and multiple login screens, ensuring optimal data security.

  • Save Time: Streamline data exchanges to boost efficiency
  • Centralize Data: Manage all sensitive data on a single, secure platform.
  • Enhance User Experience: Offer a unified interface for simplified data exchanges
  • Increase Efficiency: Improve overall operational processes

Elevate Your Communication Game Where You Work

We meet you where you are—right in the systems and platforms you use every day. Platform integrations enhance your communications, allowing you to operate securely and efficiently without ever leaving your familiar workspace.


Third-Party Integration FAQs

Find answers to common questions about third-party integrations, including technical and compliance concerns.

How Do Secure Exchange Integrations Work?

The combination of standards-based, our robust suite of RESTful APIs and the DataMotion Integration Gateway (DIG) allows us to securely exchange sensitive data with enterprise platforms like Salesforce, Genesys, Microsoft 365, and custom apps.


What Are the Benefits of Secure Exchange Integrations?

Our secure exchange integrations let our clients and their customers continue to use the familiar interfaces of their preferred enterprise solutions while protecting all data with military-grade encryption. This best-of-both-worlds approach enhances efficiency by avoiding migrations or using multiple disparate platforms simultaneously, ensures regulation compliance, and maintains high user and employee satisfaction by not disrupting familiar workflows.


Are DataMotion’s Integrations Secure?

Yes. Our integrations are designed with security as the first and foremost priority. They allow businesses in regulated industries to leverage the benefits of their familiar CRM, contact center, and productivity suites while enhancing data security in every exchange.


What Compliance Considerations Are There for Secure Exchange Integrations?

Our integrations are designed to meet strict industry regulations for customer and patient data. We ensure your customer, constituent, or patient interactions fully comply with all relevant regulations.


Can Secure Exchange Integrations Be Customized?

Yes. Our robust suite of RESTful APIs offers extensive endpoints, allowing developers to customize interactions to meet diverse needs across the organization.


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Ready to Transform Your Digital Engagement Strategy?

Connect with us to discover how seamless integrations with Microsoft, Salesforce, Genesys, Okta, and Google not only add a layer of security but also bring innovation right where you need it. Embrace the future of digital exchange, where AI-powered solutions meet practicality in your everyday environment.