Secure Data Delivery for the Public Sector

Maintaining public confidence and supporting a wide range of constituencies is tough enough as it is. The last you need is a data breach or increased inefficiencies accessing and transferring constituents personal, financial, or health data due to your legacy systems’ inability to connect with modern systems. Our APIs for the public sector can help you transform those outdated systems and replace the business functions they support with cloud-based alternatives.

Reach Your Digital Transformation Goals with Our Secure Data Delivery Services

With our robust collection of APIs and a variety of pre-built options, we can help you modernize legacy systems and assist with your digital transformation initiatives so you can streamline your workflows while reducing the cost of delivering great public service. The best part? Your constituents will have much more confidence in you – and you’ll enjoy peace of mind.

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Reduce Costs

Is a reliance on fax, snail mail, or other outdated legacy systems increasing your government agency’s costs associated with secure delivery to constituents, other public sector agencies, and outside vendors? Let us help you flip that around. With streamlined workflows, a cloud-based environment, an entirely digital process, and quicker response times, your agency will see a reduction in expenses while improving security. Digital transformation will secure your sensitive communications and, with that money you’re saving, help you pay down technical debt by accelerating modernization initiatives.

Elevate Constituent Experience

While your constituents expect that you keep their information safe, they also want all of their communications with you to be both efficient and convenient. Allow us to help you exceed these demands by accelerating your agent’s response times with a 100% modern, digital process. Because our services are not a one-size-fits-all solution and support cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments, they scale to your recipients’ needs with flexible options for secure data delivery and connectivity. By putting your constituent (and their security) first, you’ll see satisfaction soar.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind – Even in the Cloud

As a state, local, or federal government agency dealing with personal, sensitive information, you need to ensure that it’s protected at all times (even if you’re working in the cloud) – or else you could risk facing great fines. Even worse – if you face a data breach, your reputation could be tarnished, and your constituents may lose trust in you forever.

Luckily, DataMotion has your back. Our services for the public sector will help you deliver secure messages, files, and emails across multiple platforms to other agencies, outside vendors and constituents. Not only that, with detailed logging and tracking from message initiation to delivery, you can feel confident that your messages are getting to where they need to go without a problem. Helping you maintain trust, protect your reputation, and stay in compliance.

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Our Happy Clients

We are helping our customers to succeed. Learn how people all over the globe use Pearl to foster the development of their business.

Multiple Services Available to Suit the Needs of Any Government Agency

Our services are designed with you and your constituents in mind to ensure that secure communication is convenient, cost-efficient, and blends directly into your current infrastructure.

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Secure Message Center APIs

Connect your legacy systems to the modern world. No longer do you need to worry about completely replacing your outdated systems, allow our APIs to stitch directly into your existing systems to provide a secure, bi-directional channel to exchange messages with constituents, outside vendors, or other agencies.

Secure Mailbox

Securely exchange sensitive emails using our pre-built secure, encrypted email. Because of our secure mailbox’s ability to easily melt into your existing workflows, you can be up and running within a day. Allowing you to quickly reduce inefficiencies, cut costs, and allow employees and constituents to securely exchange email while elevating security and privacy. Read how one public sector organization used our secure mailbox to eliminate costs and accelerate processes to turn them from an expense center into a profit center.

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Secure Managed File Transfer

Sending and receiving files for background checks, consumer complaints, health records, and more is a big part of your day – so shouldn’t it be easy to securely transfer these documents without fighting with outdated systems? Our pre-built managed file transfer service can help you out with this by allowing you to easily exchange sensitive files up to 2GB with servers, mainframes, employees, partners, and constituents in a simple and natural way.

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Secure Forms

Integrate our pre-built secure forms into your back-end systems to collect private information from your constituents. All they need to do is enter their data into the form and then the form is securely routed to your departments back-end CRM system in an easy to consume manner – completely removing any manual input.

Our secure forms have helped agencies raise customer satisfaction ratings while reporting that the value they’re receiving from our services is greater than each dollar spent.

Secure Message Center

Ripping and replacing legacy systems can be a costly, time-consuming process. Luckily, with our pre-built secure message center, this isn’t necessary. Save cash and enable the secure transfer of sensitive data in your existing self-service portal by integrating our secure message center with your existing systems and workflows. Allowing you to provide your constituents with a convenient, efficient, and secure experience.

DataMotion secure message center is an all-in-one application for using secure exchange to increase customer satisfaction and inspire confidence.

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