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State Department of Law Enforcement

DataMotion uses the DataMotion Platform, secure email automation and secure mailbox to cut costs, migrate to an E-Delivery Platform and deliver thousands of documents quickly and securely for a state department of law enforcement.

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A law enforcement agency for a large US state is tasked to fulfill criminal background check requests for the state’s business and government entities. Each year, it receives over one million requests, and must quickly process and deliver its findings in a secure and cost effective manner. In the past, these documents were delivered by overnight courier, with delivery costs accounting for almost half of the total amount charged for each request. In the face of tough budgetary conditions, and in an effort to modernize their operations, the state looked for ways to reduce expenses while maintaining or improving security and response times.



  • Deliver millions of sensitive documents quickly and cost-effectively
  • Migrate from courier service to e-delivery
  • Shift from cost center to profit center

The state faced several challenges when moving from courier to electronic document delivery. First, by their nature, background checks may contain sensitive information such as social security numbers that cannot be publically disclosed. They needed to ensure that sensitive data was delivered securely to the intended recipient, even though it was being sent across the public internet. In addition to security, their business needs required tracking data for each background check delivered, similar to what they received with overnight courier services. A third key challenge was ensuring that the system could be used by the wide spectrum of constituents requesting background checks. Since they service the entire state, one-off requests are made by individuals with little to no technical skills, while at the same time, large enterprises with sophisticated IT operations make tens of thousands of annual requests. As a result, a solution that takes a one-size-fits-all approach to document delivery would not accommodate the needs of such a broad user base.

The Solution

DataMotion Platform & Secure Email Automation

The state adopted DataMotion’s platform for secure email automation. DataMotion’s scalable, enterprise-ready solution, compliant with CJIS data security rules, offered diverse delivery options.


Cost-Saving Transformation

DataMotion’s email automation slashed courier costs, enhancing document security and turning the operation profitable.

Seamless Email Encryption

DataMotion’s email encryption streamlined law enforcement processes, replacing outdated methods and enabling secure interactions.


  • Courier-based delivery costs and inefficiencies have been eliminated
  • Implementing electronic delivery turned the initiative from an expense into a profit center
  • Multiple delivery methods make the system easy-to-use for all types of partners and individuals
  • Secure email on employee desktops cut costs and accelerate business processes
  • Auditors and operations are satisfied with detailed delivery tracking
  • Lights-out server operation requires minimal IT staff attention
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“We have engaged DataMotion at my company for data transfers. The platform's file transfer solution enables us to securely transfer files between different sites, ensuring that sensitive information is not compromised during the transfer process. It also offers us a robust and secure messaging solutions that allow team members and clients to collaborate in a secure manner.”

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