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Secure Healthcare Data Exchange with Leading EHR Integrations

As an accredited Health Information Services Provider and proud member of DirectTrust™, we pride ourselves on providing secure Protected Health Information (PHI) exchange integrations with hundreds of leading Electronic Health Record systems like Epic and MEDITECH.

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EMR/EHR Integration in Action

Enhance Healthcare Efficiency and Compliance

EHRs offer interoperability by sharing data across platforms. However, practices must ensure PHI exchanges comply with regulations like HIPAA/HITECH.

This process is time-consuming and non-compliance incurs hefty fines. Practices seek technologies integrating with EMR/EHR solutions to maximize benefits, bolster data security, and ensure compliance.

Effortlessly Exchange Medical Records

Seamlessly integrate Direct Secure Messaging service into your familiar EMR and EHR systems. Enhance data security with end-to-end encryption, ensuring compliant PHI exchanges and secure communication with over 2 million clinical endpoints across the U.S.

Secure, Compliant PHI Exchanges

The Benefits of Secure EMR/EHR Integrations

EMR/EHR integrations embed the Direct Secure Messaging service, boosting the security, privacy, and compliance features of the EHR systems your practice relies on for productivity. These secure healthcare data exchange solutions allow your organization to:

  • Securely exchange medical records across a vast network, ensuring timely and effective communication.
  • Send admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) event notifications.
  • Comply with Meaningful Use standards for PHI exchanges.
  • Increase efficiency and optimize care coordination, leading to improved patient outcomes.
  • Access to the DataMotion Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD).
  • Protect patient confidentiality


Real Use Cases

EMR/EHR Integration FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our EMR/EHR integration solutions.

How do your secure EMR/EHR integrations work?

DataMotion has robust partnerships with leading EHR systems like MEDITECH and Epic. These collaborations allow us to establish interoperability with their software using the cross-enterprise Document Reliable Interchange (XDR) protocol. As a result, DataMotion is a reliable source for Direct Secure Messaging services for MEDITECH and Epic customers.


Are your EMR/EHR integrations secure?

Yes. DataMotion’s EMR/EHR integrations are designed with data privacy and integrity in mind. We help healthcare organizations exchange PHI securely with millions of providers, payers, patients, and health IT vendors across the U.S.


Can I customize your secure EMR/EHR integrations?

Yes. Our robust suite of RESTful APIs offers extensive endpoints, allowing developers to customize interactions to meet diverse needs across the healthcare organization.

How do I get started with a secure EMR/EHR integration?

Contact one of our sales representatives to request a demo.

Do you provide training to make the most out of my secure EMR/EHR integration?

Yes. We provide training and setup guides to help your system administrators and integrators seamlessly bring top-tier encryption into your preferred contact center solution. We also onboard the staff to teach them how to use their new solution.


Secure All Healthcare Data Exchanges

Secure all PHI exchanges online, including referrals, summaries, patient data, and lab results, while maximizing productivity.