Secure Solutions for Financial Services

Delight and Grow Your Clients with Secure Financial Messaging Services

Bring More to the Bottom Line

For many financial services organizations the pressure is always on to increase client retention.  Just as strong is the desire for increased client interaction with you.  Creating a better customer experience with a DataMotion secure financial messaging center solution helps with both paths.

Reduce Complexity

Eliminate those awkward, inconvenient and suboptimal experiences clients often have when exchanging sensitive information with you.

Spend More Time with the Kids

Neither your advisors nor your clients have the time to switch from tool to tool and portal to portal or figure out complicated security procedures. So don’t.

Keep Clients Coming Back

Our powerful secure financial solutions easily enable your clients to seamlessly, securely, and reliably communicate with your client services teams keeping everyone happy and you in compliance.

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Use Secure Messaging Services to Create a Seamless Client Experience

Your clients are your business. Provide them with the best experience possible while maintaining the highest level of security. Our services for the financial industry simplify client data exchanges while protecting their data – giving you peace of mind and adding to your bottom line.

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Lower Expenses

In addition to a reduction in expenses for fax, snail mail, and overnight delivery, we’ve even seen a 30% reduction in support requests from organizations that have integrated financial secure message centers in their existing customer portal or app. Exchanges are not only secure and compliant – but tracked, creating a repository of documents and messages to be viewed as needed, reducing costs and saving everyone time.  And we all know time is money.

An immersive, integrated secure message center raising customer experience, lowering complexity, and simplifying sensitive data exchange

Enhance Client Experience

Most financial services companies have a secure client web portal, but often use traditional email encryption or expensive file sharing services with separate logins. Modernize your old, tired, stand-alone financial secure messaging solution. Create an immersive, simplified and superior client experience with our integrated secure message center for financial services. Easily exchange sensitive data, access prior messages and build a consistent, streamlined experience inside your portals and mobile apps. Integration is easy using common protocols to connect your existing applications. Advisor and client exchanges happen in one place making it simple to keep track of the conversation and easier to get work done.

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Build a Trusted Reputation

Pressure to safeguard customer data is growing. Adopting a financial services secure messaging center solution that’s simple for both the advisor AND your client can help your advisors stay in compliance without convoluted exchange. Our secure message center adds a secure channel to your omnichannel strategy. It helps you control, manage, and protect your exchange of information – building trust, protecting your reputation and ensuring compliance… Without added complexity.

Our Happy Clients

Our customers are raving over our services, hear what they’re saying…

The Secure Message Center Solution for Financial Services

DataMotion makes it delightfully easy to add a secure message
center to your existing financial services web portal and connect it to your client
services teams.


Secure messaging APIs for financial organizations natively add encrypted web-mail, document exchange, or web-form services to self-service portals and mobile apps.


Route client messages and documents to the right advisors, account teams, support personnel, or contact center agents for a swift response; Assign case numbers for ticketing systems tracking.


Secure, seamless client communications with SafeTLS sends messages and documents directly to client’s inbox.


Response notifications sent via email or SMS text channels notify clients and agents of waiting replies.


With our secure financial messaging services, every message and document exchanged is logged and tracked for verifiable compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and FINRA. Thus, protecting your reputation, maintaining customer trust, and reducing financial consequences.

Client Experience

Clients easily ask questions about their account and share supporting files or images, like receipts for a credit charge dispute or a tax return as part of a loan application process.


Certified encryption processes applied to every message exchange for trusted security. SSO (single sign-on) eliminates extra password and login frustration.