Secure, Efficient, and AI-Enhanced Solutions

Secure Data Exchange and Generative AI

Optimize workflows and client interactions with DataMotion’s unified platform. Securely exchange sensitive data in the systems and apps you use most. Solutions are fully integrated with top enterprise apps like Salesforce and Microsoft 365 for efficient, compliant operations. Embrace the future safely with JenAI Assist, a generative AI solution, enhancing client trust and retention through advanced data security that aligns with your stringent regulatory standards.


Now featuring Research Mode, JenAI Assist empowers your team with efficient content accessibility, in-depth queries, and seamless file comparisons, driving unparalleled operational efficiency.

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Better, Unified Experiences

Simplify Client and Advisor Experiences

Boost operational efficiency in financial services with seamlessly integrated solutions. Secure data exchanges fit effortlessly into your existing systems, eliminating platform-switching hassles. JenAI Assist Research Mode streamlines financial advisors’ tasks by providing advanced tools for content management and analysis, enhancing customer experiences.

Transition from outdated communication methods to secure, effortless exchanges.

Generative AI Solutions

JenAI Assist: Transforming Financial Services

Leverage the power JenAI Assist to revolutionize your financial operations. Designed to work seamlessly with your data, JenAI Assist offers:

  • Self-Service Chat: Enhance customer service with intelligent, responsive chatbots.
  • Expert Escalation: Ensure human intervention is available when needed.
  • Smart Forms: Streamline data collection and processing with adaptive forms.
  • Message and Document Exchange: Securely manage sensitive communications.

Elevate your financial services with Research Mode, providing:

  • Content Accessibility: Quick access to curated organizational content.
  • In-Depth Queries: Detailed content analysis and answers.
  • File Comparison: Simplify contract reviews and compliance checks.

Customer and Digital Transformation Support

Solutions offer maximum flexibility, seamless integration, and expert support across customer and digital transformation journeys, all at your own pace.

Full RESTful APIs and Industry Leading Ease-of-Use

Leverage the platform’s APIs within existing apps and portals, with our low and pro-code solutions, transforming them into fast, reliable, secure and compliant solutions for data exchange.

DataMotion Solution Benefits for Financial Services

With precision-crafted solutions, the platform boosts compliance, streamlines operations, and fortifies data security. Discover the transformative benefits of DataMotion technologies, designed to elevate your financial services solutions and deepen client trust.

Financial Services Value Proposition

Secure, Streamline, and Excel with DataMotion

DataMotion’s advanced solutions integrate seamlessly, boosting security, ensuring regulatory compliance, and streamlining communications, allowing advisors to focus on delivering superior client service and driving growth. JenAI Assist research mode simplifies financial advisors’ tasks, enabling detailed content analysis and comparisons, leading to enhanced customer experiences.


Financial Services Case Study

Discover how the platform has enhanced data exchange security for countless companies. Explore success stories and see the impact of tailored solutions. Join the growing list of businesses that have benefited from our commitment to robust security practices.

“We receive highly sensitive information almost daily. DataMotion has served us well. Very user friendly, secure, and safe. We have been a customer for years and have been extremely satisfied. We would recommend this product for businesses who need secure document reviews.”

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Secure Financial Data Exchanges

Maximize potential with DataMotion’s secure data exchange. Seamlessly integrate encrypted messages and attachments, empowering apps for efficient, compliant delivery