Empower Salesforce with the DataMotion Lightning App

Salesforce Lightning Integration

With the DataMotion and Salesforce Lightning integration, the landscape has changed significantly. Now, sharing a sensitive investment plan is as simple as doing it directly within Salesforce. This seamless approach ensures secure communication, timely delivery to the client, and a complete interaction record for compliance purposes, all within the Salesforce platform.

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Salesforce Integration in Action

Enhanced Data Security

Salesforce is an industry-leading CRM that streamlines processes, boosts productivity, and increases sales. But for all its capabilities, businesses in regulated industries face challenges when exchanging sensitive data like financial or protected health information (PHI).

Often, company representatives have to switch between Salesforce and other specialized, secure platforms when exchanging this private information.

Seamless Security and CRM Integration

Elevate Salesforce with Secure DataMotion Integration

DataMotion’s Salesforce Lighting integration bridges the gap between Salesforce’s CRM excellence and the security and privacy of a dedicated secure data exchange platform.

Powered by robust, military-grade encryption, our Salesforce solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing UI while protecting all inbound and outbound messages.

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Salesforce Integration in Action

Use Cases for Regulated Industries

A secure, integrated Salesforce Lightning experience benefits various regulated sectors like healthcare, finance, and government. Consider a wealth management firm using Salesforce for client management and a separate platform for secure messaging, creating compliance challenges.

Imagine a solution seamlessly integrated into Salesforce, enabling secure message exchange within the same interface. DataMotion’s Salesforce Lightning integration offers just that.

DataMotion’s Salesforce Lightning App

Revolutionize Your Communications

The integration of DataMotion and Salesforce is more than just an enhancement; it’s a game-changer.

Engage in secure, efficient client communication that delivers exceptional productivity and robust data protection. Rely on DataMotion to elevate your secure digital exchange strategy.

Secure Your Sensitive Salesforce Exchanges 

Increase productivity and streamline workflows with DataMotion’s Salesforce integration for secure communications.