Enhancing Connectivity with Secure Integration

Genesys Integration

The Genesys integration combines powerful contact center features with secure data exchange for chats, emails, and file attachments. This unified solution streamlines workflows, reduces friction, and boosts productivity, enhancing outcomes for both agents and customers while ensuring privacy and compliance.

Genesys Integration in Action

The Challenge

Genesys is a global leader in the cloud contact center industry, offering a full range of contact center, omnichannel management, and workforce optimization solutions. Despite its many benefits, Genesys provides limited options for securing exchanges involving sensitive information such as health data, personally identifiable information, and payment card credentials.

As a result, companies in regulated industries must switch platforms when exchanging protected data to maintain compliance. Encrypted mail solutions address regulatory concerns but add extra steps to the workflow and are often difficult to navigate for agents and customers, leading to fragmented and unsatisfactory experiences.

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The Solution

Unlock encrypted communication capabilities within your existing Genesys workflow. Seamlessly integrating with Genesys, the technology offers secure messaging and document exchange solutions tailored to regulated industries. With military-grade encryption and compliance features, regulatory standards are maintained without disrupting workflows. Stay within the familiar Genesys interface while ensuring the highest level of data security and compliance.

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Secure All Genesys Exchanges

Compliant, Secure Exchanges for Chats, Messages, and File Attachments

Integrating seamlessly with Genesys, DataMotion’s technology offers robust encryption for chat, email, and file exchanges right within the platform, ensuring privacy and compliance. This integration leverages the platform’s powerful contact center features, streamlining workflows, reducing friction, and enhancing productivity, which leads to improved outcomes for agents and customers.

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Secure All Genesys Data Exchanges

Secure exchanges while increasing productivity and streamlining workflows with the Genesys integration.