Simple and Secure Data Exchange in One Place

Secure Message Center

The Secure Message Center integrates into your client-facing portals and applications to provide a unified solution for secure email and document exchanges. It breaks down data silos and streamlines your workflows, resulting in a fast, compliant, efficient, and user-friendly experience for your customers.

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The Proof Is In The Numbers

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Secure Data Exchange Solution for Your User-Facing Portals

Seamless Integration for Secure Data Exchange

Point solutions lead to disjointed experiences for customers and employees, forcing them into in separate solutions & applications. To effectively balance compliance, usability, and security digital data exchange platforms must integrate smoothly with various applications and workflows.

The Solution

Keep Customers In Your Portal

Why spend millions creating an omnichannel customer experience… only to force them to go to a third-party portal for secure email and document exchange? Include secure messaging side-by-side with account access and management tools, so customers have an all-in-one experience and secure document exchanges.

There are many aspects to consider when implementing a secure message center, so be sure to read our whitepaper.

Secure Message Center Benefits

Meet JenAI Assist

Embrace the convenience of a Secure Message Center with the power of Generative AI.

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Secure, Compliant PHI Exchanges

Reliable Identity Managment

Secure access through our platform’s internal identity provider (IdP) and single sign-on (SSO) are compatible with most OpenID, OAuth2, and SAML providers.

Delivery Methods that Empower Your Evolution

Flexible Deployment Options

Launch with no-code solutions or embed into your secured applications and portals with low-code widgets and pro-code REST API options.

Our platform delivers maximum flexibility, seamless integration, and expert support across your customer and digital transformation journeys, all at your own pace.

Secure Messaging Delivery Models

Start with no-code solutions, integrate using low-code widgets, or fully customize with pro-code REST APIs. Our platform ensure maximum flexibility, seamless integration, and expert support throughout your customer and digital transformation journeys, tailored to your specific pace and needs.

No-code Portal

Use our platform’s no-code portal for secure messaging, tailored to your business needs. Enjoy custom branding, easy IDP integration, and a simple interface—no technical skills required.

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Low-code Widget

Deploy our platform’s low-code widget in your customer portals. Designed for seamless integration, it enables secure and compliant interactions with enterprise systems. Customize easily, launch quickly.

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Leverage our platform’s robust APIs with your user interface, enabling you to create a custom, secure user experience that meets your specific business needs.

Secure Messaging APIs

DataMotion's APIs enhance systems by integrating secure, bi-directional communication channels, vital for omnichannel customer service success. The Secure Message Center APIs enhance app capabilities and user experience with advanced secure messaging. Additionally, the Secure Message Delivery API simplifies sending one-way secure messages, supporting essential functions for effective communication. These APIs transform your systems into robust platforms for secure and efficient messaging.

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Efficiently send, receive, store, and track secure messages and files across your platforms. Enhance customer portals and apps with features like detailed tracking, inbox management, and secure communication via Microsoft, Google, and Apple.


Seamlessly provision and manage user accounts to let your team focus on customers. Ideal for resellers and partners, this API simplifies the setup of companies and users, expanding your service’s reach and usability.


Streamline account administration and improve security with capabilities that allow detailed user account management, including user impersonation for secure access and e-discovery.

Message Delivery

DataMotion’s Secure Message Delivery API streamlines the delivery of one-way secure messages effortlessly. Designed to support essential messaging functions, it enhances communication efficiency within your systems.


Secure Message Center Applications

Solutions for Highly Regulated Industries

Highly regulated industries must balance agile workflows with strict regulation compliance, often leading to fragmented customer experiences that add too much friction in ordinary data exchanges. Here’s how the Secure Message Center improves your workflows and enhances the end user’s experience.

Try the Secure Message Center!

Secure message and document exchange is vital for business. Enhance your operations with our Secure Message Center. Ready to boost your client-facing performance?