Easy, Intuitive Secure Messaging

Integrate a secure message center to transform your data exchange into a well-oiled machine complete with safety, convenience and speed.

Maximum Impact with Secure Message Center

You might have a solution for secure email and secure document exchange, and you might have a self-service portal or mobile app for your customers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them in one place? Traditionally, we’ve been forced to deal with this functionality in separate solutions & applications, often resulting in higher costs, a more frustrating customer experience, and a loss in productivity — all of which can come back to bite your bottom line.

DataMotion secure message center is an all-in-one application for using secure exchange to increase customer satisfaction and inspire confidence.

The Perks of a Secure Message Center

A secure message center enables secure email and document exchange as a native part of your customer-facing portal or application, making the process ridiculously smooth and improving customer satisfaction at every turn. It might even help you attract new customers. Show off your shiny new all-in-one application to potential customers to boost your professionalism and inspire confidence.

There are many aspects to consider when implementing a secure message center, so be sure to read our whitepaper.

Our secure message center’s flexible communication platform connects back-end systems like email, call centers, or case management into whatever portal you use.

Versatility: Connect What You Need

The secure message center’s flexible communication platform connects back-end systems like email, call centers, or case management with a simple front-end secure experience in your client mobile app, portal or online banking app.

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Speed: Make Productivity Thrive

Clients can easily ask questions and share documents, forms or images with your support team. Seamless exchange makes it easier to resolve customer issues. This means happier customers, and less frustrated, more efficient employees.

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Convenience: 21st Century Ease of Use

With a secure message center customers and employees don’t have to switch between applications to send and receive sensitive data – Creating a modern, simpler way to securely exchange.

Easy tracking and reporting of all secure messages, documents and emails

Security: Build Customer Trust

DataMotion’s secure messaging solution is simple, flexible, and compliant. Messages, documents, and emails are sent with end-to-end encryption and security best practices in mind. All transactions that are transmitted through the DataMotion secure platform are logged and tracked for compliance.

What is Secure Messaging?

Customers and employees experience seamless secure document exchange with a fully integrated secure message center. Messaging, email and document-sharing tools are all accessed from one place inside your existing self-service portal or mobile app. Best part? It integrates with your back-end systems as well!

Keep Customers in Your Portal

Why spend millions creating an omnichannel customer experience… only to force them to go to a third-party portal for secure email and document exchange? Include secure messaging side-by-side with account access and management tools, so customers have an all-in-one experience and secure document exchanges.

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Respond Without Delays

Our secure message center offers convenient, safe, and fast document exchange, so you can spend less time focusing on gathering documents and more time working on what’s important.

Enjoy Secure Document Exchange in a Self-Service Portal

DataMotion’s secure message center is a powerful addition to customer-facing platforms. It helps you meet customer and employee needs for convenience, safety and speed and enhances your workflow. A range of industries, from wealth management and business analysis to program development to healthcare, take advantage of secure message centers.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Eliminate extra passwords and multiple portal login frustration.

Secure email and document exchange

Enable secure messaging and document upload from within the portal or mobile app.

Message notifications

Alert customers to responses and messages waiting in their inbox.

A secure message center helping you meet customer and employee needs for convenience, safety and speed by enabling secure exchange from a mobile device

SafeTLS message delivery

Deliver secure messages and documents directly to a customer email inbox.

Co-branded webmail portal

Enable quick addition of secure messaging using a pre-configured webmail UI customized with company branding guidelines.

Secure messaging APIs

Enable native integration and customization of secure messaging features into contact centers, customer portals and mobile apps.

Ready to set up your own secure messaging portal?

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Establish multiple message options for securely exchanging information or inquiry based on the context of portal activity.

Route customer inquiries based on subject lines or destination address selected from topical drop-down lists.

Client services reps receive and send messages from within their email clients, CRMs or contact centers for seamless case handling.

Every message and document exchanged is encrypted, logged, and tracked using a zero-trust, ‘trust no-one’ design.