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Pre-built secure, encrypted services in a self-service center by DataMotion

DataMotion Secure Mailbox

DataMotion’s pre-built secure, encrypted email service, available in our Personal, Pro, Team, and Enterprise bundles, makes data communication between customers and organizations fast, easy and safe. Exchange sensitive messages and files with peace of mind, knowing that DataMotion enables compliance and control as well as simple and versatile methods of use.

Unmatched Ease of Use

If you’re tired of how much time it takes or how frustrating it can be to send your secure messages, the DataMotion secure email service can eliminate those problems.

We go beyond other vendors’ point solutions and easily integrate with your workflows, customer relationship management (CRM) platform, contact centers, and other existing systems. APIs and connectors make it easy to enable native integration with your critical enterprise applications and services so you can enable sending secure, encrypted emails from wherever end users are most comfortable. With features like these, DataMotion can help improve efficiency and satisfaction across the board.

Secure email transfers with DataMotion are easy for everyone involved: 

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Effortless Sending

The secure email plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 enables users to send and receive secure mail messages and files with one click directly from their email client. Attachments up to 100MB or more can be added. Senders simply type their message, add attachments, and click the “Send Secure” button. Messages are routed to the DataMotion service for encryption and secure delivery to recipients. 

Simple Recipient Experience

DataMotion’s clicklessSafeTLS delivery feature makes it easy for recipients to receive secure email messages directly to their inbox. Attachments and emails arrive fully decrypted and ready to use or read — no passwords, encryption keys, logins or portals required. Replies are sent securely, too. Recipients have the option to securely reply right from their email client or through the free account established upon receipt of their first secure email from you. 

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Empower Your On-the-Go Employees

All of DataMotion’s secure encrypted email services are optimized for use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Users don’t need to download apps or keep them up to date, which is especially useful when staying compliant with corporate bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. For those preferring an app, we have that too. Every subscription comes with a free DataMotion secure sharing app, easily downloadable to iOS phones. 

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Reduce Your Login Frustrations

All of your users can enjoy the speed and security of single sign-on (SSO), so they don’t need to remember their unique login credentials every time they want to securely send a document. Log in using your Microsoft Office 365, Google, or Apple accounts. OAuth2 and Okta integration for enterprises is also available. Company admins may also choose to enable multi-factor authentication for additional security.

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Zero-trust Design

Compliance and Safety

DataMotion mission-critical multi-tier architecture provides a highly available and scalable environment, deployed in FedRAMP-certified Microsoft Azure data centers. Our “Defense in Depth” security strategy utilizes an AES encrypted “governed” database at the core and a zero trust, “trust no one” design with many layers of protection against intrusion. This zero-trust design uses a security strategy of hypervigilance and awareness, ensuring only those who require access to the sensitive data and information may have it. Finally, the DataMotion system automatically handles encryption key management and cryptography is based on Microsoft CryptoAPI and FIPS 140-2 validated libraries.

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Safe and Secure Communications

No business with sensitive data can freely communicate without a high standard for security. DataMotion uses many methods and components to provide you with the tools necessary for encryption and compliance. It starts with a comprehensive view of security, where everyone is a threat — even that coworker who brings donuts every Friday morning.

Flow chart of how outbound emails get encrypted with DataMotion

Support for Even the Most Sensitive Businesses

With such high standards and a flexible and scalable architecture, our secure email service can easily handle the needs of organizations with a lot of sensitive data, such as financial services, healthcare facilities, and federal and state governments.

Automatic Processes for Security You Don't Need to Think About

We offer a secure content filter as an add-on policy filter to monitor and filter outbound email. It automates the security process by scanning the email subject line, email body, and attached files for sensitive data and rerouting them for encryption as needed. Providing additional peace of mind that no sensitive information slips through the cracks.

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DataMotion‘s TotalView provides a complete view for audit support. This enables companies to prove compliance with security and privacy regulations.

Rest Easy With Compliant Design

Industries that work with a lot with sensitive data have strict compliance requirements, so we make sure secure email, message, and file exchange transactions are logged in a governed database. The DataMotion TotalView report displays numerous metadata fields for each data transfer, providing a complete view for audit support. Enabling organizations to prove compliance with virtually all security and privacy regulations when sending and receiving protected health information (PHI) and personal identifiable information (PII) — this is at the core of everything we do.

Secure Data Delivery That Aligns With Your Work

Our secure, encrypted email service is delivered from the DataMotion platform deployed on a FedRAMP-certified Microsoft Azure public cloud. It provides all the Software as a Service (SaaS) benefits of a fast rollout and zero maintenance:

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Built-in disaster recovery

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No network or server costs

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Automatic updates

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High availability

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DataMotion support

For enterprise-class deployments, DataMotion supports private data centers and public cloud deployments for finer compliance policy control. DataMotion’s secure email services are optimized for both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

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