Case Studies Financial Settlement Services Company

Financial Settlement Services Company

DataMotion utilizes Secure Email Automation, Large File Attachments and TotalView Reporting to Automate Report Delivery, Meet PCI Compliance and Prove SLA Requirements.

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A large technology solutions company is providing transaction settlement and data informationservices to over 15,000 retail locations, and is processing more than $80 billion annually through their world-class settlement system – making them the financial backbone for their industry. The company processes and transfers thousands of files and reports every day on behalf of their global customers. Details on more than 1.5 billion individual data points, nearly 150,000 unique origins and destinations, and over a 1,000 days of accumulated sales data are stored in the company’s data warehouse. The company averages over $6 billion per month in settled transactions.



  • Auditable automated report delivery
  • PCI compliance
  • Proof of SLA requirements

The company needed a way to generate automated reports from their existing systems and deliver them securely through email to their worldwide customers. Their existing system was in its End-of-life cycle, and had to be replaced quickly. They also needed better metrics to prove files were being delivered in a timely manner as well as measure performance for management. This all had to be done without requiring their customers and partners to install additional hardware or software.

Lack of security options with their old system was also a point of frustration, and a logistical nightmare when connecting customers did not have compatible security options.


Like many other organizations in their industry, the company was also looking for ways to streamline their processes and increase productivity while maintaining PCI compliance. They intended to initiate an online password challenge protocol in the event that customers’ passwords were lost. This required a two factor authentication process they could not do with the previous system.

The Solution

DataMotion’s Secure Mailbox

The company evaluated DataMotion’s secure mailbox along with several other vendors. They chose the secure mailbox because of the system’s robust security, and the platform’s flexibility allows them to customize and grow as needed. Knowing the DataMotion solution is one they intend to keep for years to come, the company has been building applications around DataMotion solutions.

Mailbox Integration

The secure mailbox’s TotalView report provides full transaction visibility, meeting SLA requirements for both customers and senior management.

Secure Data Exchange

Secure mailbox facilitates easy, large-file attachment transfers for global customers, eliminating the need for FTP clients.


  • Seamless transition to DataMotion with no training or software installation required
  • Access to tools and data for satisfying auditors, customers, and senior management
  • Easy proof of compliant and timely report and file delivery
  • Significant reduction in customer support and help desk calls due to improved tracking of report delivery
  • Lower customer service costs
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“We have engaged DataMotion at my company for data transfers. The platform's file transfer solution enables us to securely transfer files between different sites, ensuring that sensitive information is not compromised during the transfer process. It also offers us a robust and secure messaging solutions that allow team members and clients to collaborate in a secure manner.”

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