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Union Hospital

Union Hospital utilizes DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging to Reduce Operational Costs and Enhance Quality of Care.

Direct Secure Messaging


Before adopting Direct Secure Messaging, Union Hospital relied on traditional methods like mail, fax, and printed records for communication. This proved inefficient, error-prone, and insecure. Granting remote EHR access to external care teams added complexity and costs, compromising security. This fragmented approach created information silos, hindering efficient patient data exchange. Tracking patient progress post-discharge and care plan adherence was also challenging.



  • Easy electronic health information exchange across multiple health information exchanges (HIEs)
  • Enhancing the patient /provider experience and improving quality of care
  • Mobilize clinical data exchange with referral partners in accordance with national standards
The Solution

Direct Secure Messaging

Direct Secure Messaging was implemented through Union Hospital’s MEDITECH EHR, to replace the use of mail, fax and the printing of patient records, resulting in enhanced information exchange with its extended network. Transmitting structured data documents (CCDs) via Direct alsoimmediately enabled interoperable exchange with HIEs and EHRs.

Enhanced Clinical Communications

Union Hospital’s clinical communications were revolutionized by HIE interoperability. Encouraging external entities to use Direct Secure Messaging via CRISP and DHIN eliminated numerous individual interfaces to the hospital’s systems.

Improved patient monitoring

Hospital receives CRISP notices on patients discharged and readmitted, aiding case managers in re-admission risk assessment.


  • Cost savings, efficiency, security, and quality of care improvements.
  • Eliminated printing and faxing, enhancing security, efficiency, and
  • Reduced costs associated with individual interfaces, licenses, and internal resources.
  • Providers gained easy access to each other’s information through the HIE, improving collaboration.
  • Facilitated closer patient monitoring, reducing re-admission rates and positively impacting Medicare reimbursement.
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“We have engaged DataMotion at my company for data transfers. The platform's file transfer solution enables us to securely transfer files between different sites, ensuring that sensitive information is not compromised during the transfer process. It also offers us a robust and secure messaging solutions that allow team members and clients to collaborate in a secure manner.”

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