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Flexibility, Ease, Security and Compliance

Meet DataMotion’s Secure Message Center


Picture this:

You are a wealth manager. One of your clients wants to send you the details of an investment opportunity their brother-in-law shared at last weekend’s get-together. Rather than mail these documents, send them by courier, or bring them physically to your office, the client opens a heavily-fortified safe (with your branding) right in front of their desk. They drop the documents in, closing the safe’s door securely with a satisfying click. These documents are then transported via a thick, impenetrable vacuum tube directly to you and your team. Once the documents arrive in your own fortified safe, you may access these and previous exchanges that also live in this safe to inform your comments. You then send your reply and information via the secure tube system back to your client’s safe, where they can pick up the discussion.

Your client has just had an incredibly easy experience securely sending sensitive information from a place that is convenient for them, and can access messages in a place that is equally convenient and secure. No one in your firm has had to adjust their workflow for this secure exchange. This process, while perhaps sounding suspiciously like regular email, is markedly different. Unlike regular email, the sensitive data you are exchanging with your client is kept fully secure during transit, and the messages are stored just as securely, helping to keep your firm within regulatory compliance. Also, unlike regular email, this process integrates with your methods of customer communication, such as web and mobile applications and customer portals, delivering messages and documents just as quickly and securely.

Welcome to the principle behind DataMotion’s secure message center.

In this installment of the “Meet the Secure Message Center” series, we’ll give you the basics of the secure message center. In later installments, we’ll help you get further acquainted by discussing use cases and covering some questions you may have.

What is the Secure Message Center and How Does it Work?

The DataMotion secure message center is a highly secure, versatile, and integrable communications solution that connects back-end systems, such as email, case management, and call and help centers, to your client-facing apps (mobile and web) and customer portals. The secure message center can be part of an omnichannel approach, or a standalone solution.

How does it work? Let’s re-visit our wealth management client. Rather than a branded safe in their wall right in front of them, the client can go to the firm’s website, and log into the customer-facing portal as usual. From there, they can create a message (which might include information such as account or Social Security numbers), attach their documents, and send. The message is encrypted while in transit, and arrives at a secure inbox. The intended recipients and other authorized viewers, such as help center staff,  may then review the documents and quickly respond. The client is alerted to the new message in the portal, and may access that and any other message they have exchanged with the advisor. Each exchange is also logged and tracked, which can help with proving compliance.

Why Should I Implement the Secure Message Center?

“We’re not software developers.”

This is something we hear from folks across industries who are seeking to implement secure communications. Securely sharing sensitive data while remaining within regulatory compliance is a common pain point, and your enterprise should not have to develop its own solution. In order to include security into customer exchanges, companies will often turn to additional software, both from in-house development and third-party vendors, which often include additional steps, to the workflow, interfering with internal efficiency and the customer experience.  For instance, what could be a simple inquiry via a company’s customer portal turns into a customer rep having to send the customer an email with a link to a third-party portal, using “Secure” in the subject line. The customer must then wait for the email, then click the link, create a username and password, then navigate an unfamiliar portal and send information.

This doesn’t sound very efficient or customer-friendly, does it? But it happens.

DataMotion’s secure message center eliminates the need to develop new solutions, or to remove or change your current systems. Along these lines, the secure message center also eliminates many of the steps we’ve listed above. This is because the secure message center is integrable with your existing workflow, allowing contact center reps to work in their regular environment, while delivering security and simplifying the customer experience.

Finally, let’s talk security. Founded in 1999, DataMotion has over 20 years of experience in providing secure digital platforms for organizations in regulated industries. With this amount of experience and knowledge of use cases, we have developed strong security coding and protocols to keep your customer and patient data safe. Here are a few elements of our security:

  • Military-grade encryption
  • A zero-trust, governed database
  • Verifiable Compliance: HIPAA, HITECH, FFIEC, NYDFS, FRB, GLBA

In short, the collective “why” is that the secure message center provides strong security, can be fully integrated with your existing systems, helps your organization stay compliant with regulations, and offers ease of use for both your customers and staff.

Who Should Implement the Secure Message Center?

Any enterprise can benefit from using the secure message center, particularly organizations in regulated industries. But security isn’t just about compliance. Your company might need to send proprietary product design information. You might also need a secure way for a news source, or a whistleblower, to contact you. Below is a quick, but not exhaustive, list of organizations that must ensure secure, encrypted communications:

  • Organizations within the healthcare ecosystem, including vendors, providers, and payers
  • Wealth management firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks, both investment and retail
  • Media organizations
  • Manufacturing companies
  • State, local and municipal organizations, including protective services, law enforcement, and others
  • Law firms

In the next installment in this series, we’ll discuss this further, diving into some use cases.

Key Takeaways

You’ve now met DataMotion’s secure message center–a flexible, secure digital platform that allows organizations in any industry to easily, securely and compliantly communicate with their patients, clients and customers. While the secure message center can include email communications, it is really a solution to keep all of your communication tools, including email, customer apps and portals, in one place for simple, secure and compliant communications. Here is a quick review of the basics:

  • Frictionless Customer Experience Enables secure communications as part of your existing customer-facing portal and/or web and mobile applications. No need for customers to go to a third-party portal for secure messaging.
  • Increased Efficiency Contact center reps can access previous customer messages and, without gathering physical documents or going through additional security steps, can quickly and securely respond to inquiries.
  • Versatile and Integrable The secure message center can seamlessly integrate with, and securely connect, back-end systems, including email, contact centers, case management, etc.


  • Ironclad Security DataMotion uses a zero-trust, governed database and military-grade encryption, helping to keep data secure and your organization compliant.
  • Ease of Use The secure message center enables single sign on for customers, eliminating additional passwords. It also works with your current workflow–there is no need to retrain staff.
  • Co-branded Portal The secure message center is customizable for your logo, colors and branding.
  • Tracking Every message and document are logged and tracked, with reporting available.

As we mentioned above, in the next installment of this series, we’ll take a closer look at customer use cases, and how this solution can benefit your enterprise. If you have questions about the secure message center and how it can benefit your organization, or would like to learn more about DataMotion and our larger digital platform, please reach out to our team of experts.

We also invite you to try out our capabilities by downloading DataMotion’s free mobile app, available in the Apple App store.

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