Blog Protecting Sensitive Information on the Daily: Meet DataMotion’s Secure Message Center

Protecting Sensitive Information on the Daily: Meet DataMotion’s Secure Message Center

Protecting Sensitive Information on the Daily: Meet DataMotion’s Secure Message Center

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Strong security around communications while staying within regulatory compliance?


Providing a simple, efficient, and convenient process for internal and external users?

Why choose one when you can have both?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Meet the Secure Message Center series, you’ve learned a few basics about DataMotion’s secure message center. You’ve also read several case studies where the secure message center solution helped organizations in regulated industries transform and modernize internal processes while improving the customer experience by enabling secure, convenient communications. Compliance is king in some verticals and can cause royal pain points, particularly where customer experience is concerned. Security and compliance measures don’t have to hinder the user experience. It is entirely possible to have a simple, frictionless experience for staff, caretakers and customers alike—while staying fully secure and compliant.

The glittering crown jewels of regulatory compliance may or may not be a driving factor behind your organization implementing secure exchange. There might be a number of other considerations, including strengthening security to protect non-regulated communications containing sensitive information that are part of your regular workday. In today’s blog entry, we’ll follow up on the case studies from part two of this series and explore a few scenarios where your organization can benefit from incorporating the secure message center into your workflow.

Secure Exchange on the Regular

Cutting down on paperwork. Keeping projects under wraps. Protecting privacy for vulnerable populations. Below are several examples of instances where making secure digital exchange part of your daily routine just makes sense, whether or not your organization is bound by compliance.

A Resource for Human Resources HR tasks, such as onboarding new employees, can involve a whole lot of paperwork. More often than not, that paperwork falls into the “sensitive information” category. Documents include a photo ID, Social Security number, and bank routing numbers. The secure message center helps you skip the physical paperwork (which no one likes anyway, let’s be honest) while protecting this sensitive information. This solution is especially helpful when onboarding remote employees.

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Locking the Design Vault You might be creating the next big food preservative. Or maybe you’re updating a forklift with new safety features.  Perhaps you’re formulating the next “it” fragrance that will roll out in Fashion Week giftbags. Before you have Hollywood’s A-list endorsing your new scent, you’ll want to keep those specs, formulas, and designs secure. The secure message center’s secure exchange and storage functions will keep confidential team and partner exchanges under lock and key.

Addressing Privacy Policies Whether or not your company is subject to data privacy regulations, securing client data is a sensible idea. You might be part of a retail operation, a not-for-profit, or a university fundraising department that transmits financial account numbers, names, addresses, places of business, and phone numbers. Regardless of your organization type or industry, you’ll want to protect this sensitive data and information…and your organization’s reputation.

Ensuring Privacy for Insurance Policyholders The insurance industry is wide spanning and highly regulated, covering everything from health to auto to home to life and more, with sensitive information exchanged on a regular basis. In addition to account numbers and other personal identifiable information (PII), field agents and customers will need to securely exchange additional document types, such as photos. When policyholders reach out for assistance, it is essential that these securely-sent and just-as-securely-stored communications are easily accessible by those who are authorized and available to help.

Caseworker Communications Those who work with vulnerable populations must ensure that addresses, medical and legal records, court dates, and other PII stays secure, for both the protection of clients and for regulatory compliance considerations. The secure message center is an excellent solution to enable secure caseworker communications with entities such as schools, attorneys, doctors, or social services, with both parties able to access previously-exchanged messages and documents.

Centering on a Message of Security and Compliance

We’ve now covered a few instances where secure exchange makes perfect sense for any organization. There are countless other scenarios, with possibilities across industries and organization types. Anyone can find a million and one reasons to consider making the secure message center part of your process, including:

  • Fast, secure, and simple document and message exchange
  • Military-grade encryption protects and secures sensitive information contained in your messages and documents while in transit and storage
  • DataMotion’s zero-trust approach adds to your data’s security
  • Versatile platform connects your back-end systems, including call centers, CRM systems, email, and more
  • Single sign on (SSO) allows customers and staff to access the secure message center with their regular credentials rather than create new usernames and passwords
  • Cobranded webmail portal includes your branding guidelines
  • Message notifications let users know that new messages and responses are in their inbox
  • SafeTLS message delivery allows you to securely deliver messages directly to recipient’s inbox
  • Detailed message logging, tracking, and reporting

In our next series installment, we’ll provide a series overview and answer a few questions we frequently receive. To learn more about the secure message center and its many benefits, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally, or to our larger team of security expertsAlso, please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for DataMotion news, updates, and more.

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