Blog [Case Study] How DataMotion Transformed Secure Messaging for a Major Financial Services Company

[Case Study] How DataMotion Transformed Secure Messaging for a Major Financial Services Company

How DataMotion Transformed Secure Messaging for a Major Financial Services Company

Secure and efficient communication is vital for financial services organizations. This blog post dives into a compelling case study of a major financial services company that partnered with DataMotion to overcome significant challenges in transitioning their outdated, end-of-life secure messaging system to a modern, robust and scalable solution. By leveraging DataMotion’s innovative secure messaging solutions and expertise spanning over two decades, the company achieved enhanced client communications, turnkey integration, cost-effectiveness, automated compliance, and a seamless transition for advisors and clients.

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Like many financial services firms, the organization relied on a self-service portal and a secure message center to facilitate communications with their clients. However, they faced a critical obstacle when their existing secure messaging software provider unexpectedly announced end-of-life and support for the system. This left the company with a pressing need to find a new solution that could maintain their customer experience, improve security and compliance and offer cost-effective implementation within a tight timeframe. Failure to find an adequate solution in time meant increased security and compliance risks, potential disruptions to client communications, and decreased efficiency among employees.


With limited time available, the financial services company initiated a search for a comprehensive secure messaging solution. DataMotion quickly emerged as the ideal partner due to their extensive, industry-leading experience integrating secure message center solutions through robust APIs. DataMotion’s solution aligned perfectly with the company’s requirements, allowing for a fast and seamless transition while leveraging their existing infrastructure and webmail interface. By deploying the solution on Microsoft Azure and utilizing robust security features, DataMotion ensured scalability, cost-effectiveness and the highest level of data protection.


The transition to DataMotion’s secure messaging solution yielded impressive results:

  1. Enhanced client communications: The solution seamlessly handled 10,000 messages between clients and advisors on the first day, preserving the familiar user experience.
  2. Turnkey integration: DataMotion’s solution seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure and webmail interface, minimizing disruption and the need for extensive retraining.
  3. Cost-effective solution: Unlike alternative proposals that required costly wholesale replacements, DataMotion’s fit-for-purpose approach delivered the required benefits at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Automated compliance: The solution incorporated reporting and compliance features, streamlining regulatory requirements for advisors without additional effort.
  5. No retraining required: The familiar interface and user experience of DataMotion’s secure messaging solution eliminated the need for retraining employees, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Road Ahead

The financial services company recognizes the potential for further leveraging DataMotion’s secure message center functionality. They appreciated DataMotion’s commitment and industry leadership in delivering secure messaging solutions in the SaaS and RegTech categories. By combining security, compliance and high-volume messaging and file exchange workflows, DataMotion continues to drive improved communication outcomes and cost efficiencies while maintaining information security.

DataMotion’s collaboration with the financial services company showcases the power of innovative secure messaging solutions in the financial services industry. By partnering with DataMotion, the company successfully overcame the challenge of transitioning their secure messaging system, resulting in enhanced client communications, streamlined operations, and improved compliance. DataMotion’s API-driven approach, cost-effectiveness, and commitment to client satisfaction have positioned them as a trusted partner for secure messaging solutions in the financial services sector.

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[Infographic] Secure Messaging Transformation Case Study

Infographic of financial services industry case study