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How many times have you questioned whether something needs to be sent secure? Or, even worse, how many times have you accidently sent something unencrypted that contains sensitive information? Our add-on content filter for Teams and Enterprise customers acts as a safety net to protect you from these mistakes.

By scanning emails and attachments for sensitive information, it automatically routes sensitive information for secure email encryption, keeping you and your customer’s data secured.

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Smarter Security for Intelligent Compliance

DataMotion’s content filter scans emails and attachments for sensitive, regulated information and routes them for encryption as needed. It does the work so you don’t have to – safeguarding the sensitive data flowing between you, business partners, and customers from data loss, theft and abuse all while simplifying everyone’s experience in the process.

Customizable policy engine has several methods of filtering data.

Customizable Rules-Based Policy Engine

We like to make sure we cover all the bases. That’s why our customizable policy engine allows you to use several methods for filtering, including custom data matching, industry-specific lexicon rules, and regular expression rules to scan emails for sensitive information.

Pre-Packaged, Standard Rules for Compliance

To get you started, our secure email content filter comes pre-packaged with standard rules for compliance. How you apply them is up to you. You’re in control of how much or how little you customize these rules to implement your own policies.

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Add an extra layer of security, contact sales to get the add-on secure email content filter today.

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Supports Over 300 Attachment File Types

You don’t need to question whether we support your secure file attachment type. Our content filter can scan over 300 different attachment types for sensitive content such as PHI, social security, and credit card numbers.

Compatible with 3rd Party Archiving Systems

While ensuring that you’re sending secure messages and attachments, we also have the ability to work with 3rd party archiving systems so your messages can simultaneously be uploaded into your archiving system at the same time that they’re being protected.

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Easy monitoring and tracking of emails and messages containing sensitive information

Automatic Monitoring, Tracking, and Reporting

With secure email delivery notifications and the option to inform the sender that the email was sent securely, you can monitor and track your sensitive emails from the moment they’re sent to when they get to their final destination. Making it so you never have to question again the security of your sensitive communications.

Enhance your ability to share data while reducing the risks involved…

Our secure email content filter can help you… 

Reduce the possibility of mistakes. No matter how much training you give employees, all it takes is one mistake for your organization to be in a compliance nightmare. By establishing a safety net with our secure email content filter, you can achieve regulatory compliance, boost customer trust, and increase your bottom line. Not to mention – your employees will thank you for reducing some of their stress. 

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Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Have you ever sent an email and forgotten the attachment? Luckily, you can send it in a follow-up and the issue’s solved. Forgetting to click “send secure” when sending sensitive information? That can’t be fixed, and your organization could get into a lot of trouble with security and privacy regulations. Our secure email content filter alleviates this issue for emails that need encryption.

No longer do employees need to worry about the do’s and don’ts of secure email compliance. With automatic scanning and filtering, our content filter detects sensitive files and attachments and routes them for encryption. Now your employees can simply send messages as usual while minimizing exposure to regulatory violations. In addition, we use military-grade encryption so you know you’re sending messages securely and you can achieve regulatory compliance.

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Boost Customer Trust

Your customers trust that their private information is being handled with care. Because of strong filtering to ensure that your messages are securely sent, your employees can send sensitive information with confidence. Also, once your messages and files arrive safely, you’ll receive an instant confirmation – just another feature to assure you that you’re taking good care of your customers data. Not only that, but by preventing these communications from data leaks, you can protect your reputation and boost customer trust higher than ever before.

Easy file, message, and email exchange saves time and boosts productivity

Increase Your Bottom Line

If you frequently send sensitive information via fax or mail, that can quickly become expensive and not to mention, time consuming. With the secure email content filter, you can reduce costs associated with faxing, printing, postage, and courier services. Because it’s easy to set up, you can have all users securely exchanging information within hours. Saving you time and increasing your bottom line with our secure email content filter.