Reimagining Healthcare Interoperability and Secure Information Exchange

Reimagining Healthcare Interoperability and Secure Information Exchange

Reimagining Healthcare Interoperability and Secure Information Exchange 1024 404 Doug Rubino

In November of 1963, Walt Disney flew over Orlando, at the time seeing only swamps and farmland. He imagined building a theme park where families could visit and spend time together.  His imagination of what could be ultimately became Walt Disney World, arguably the number one family fun theme park in the world!  Appropriately, the theme for this year’s HIMSS Conference in Orlando was “Reimagine Health.” Which is precisely what we do here at DataMotion.

Coming out of the pandemic and looking at the state of secure information exchange and the healthcare interoperability landscape in 2022, it is instructive for us to try to reimagine healthcare in the coming decade.  While some of the themes touched on during the conference are not necessarily new to the conversation, such as virtual health, population health management, and interoperability, the approaches and players are changing rapidly right before our very eyes.

Assessing the current landscape and re-imagining how, and maybe more importantly, where care is delivered, as well as the financing, the underlying technology, and the healthcare workforce behind that care, is the ask presented to our generation. And when it comes to innovating that underlying technology, DataMotion is front and center. We act as a strategic and collaborative partner, providing low-code solutions and expert insights so that organizations across the healthcare vertical can innovate within their own organizations, and better-re-imagine the “how” and “where.”

Reimagining Interoperability

The launch of the ONC EHR Health IT Certification Program in 2010, and the EHR Incentive Programs in 2011, established the initial foundation for the adoption and the ‘meaningful use’ of information technology in healthcare.  In 2018, the EHR Incentive Programs were re-branded as the Promoting Interoperability Programs, and a greater focus was placed on system compatibility, patient access to information, and improving patient outcomes.  DataMotion has played, and continues to play, a critical role within this policy framework.  Through both our role as a Health Information Services Provider (HISP), and our secure message center, our technology enables healthcare organizations to securely transmit personal health information (PHI) among external endpoints, improving interoperability and ultimately, patient outcomes. When assessing the healthcare landscape in 2022, we have come a long way. The opportunities to reimagine improving patient outcomes through heightened interoperability are unlimited!

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Interoperability, connectivity, and collaboration are, and have been for some time, the greatest challenges for healthcare. They have once again emerged as major themes at HIMSS22.  Whether through the rollout of a national critical infrastructure by way of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) or through the availability of new secure messaging apps, we continue to look for ways to improve and expand upon the communication flow between all relevant internal and external stakeholders within a healthcare community. One example of this is the emergence of personal connected health devices that have burst onto the scene, focusing on healthy living and well-being from within the home.

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Reinventing Health Information Exchange

As an API-first company, DataMotion continues to develop its library of APIs to help ensure the greatest degrees of interoperability within the healthcare ecosystem.  DataMotion understands the need to balance data security against business requirements and workflow considerations. Therefore, we provide a flexible platform of APIs and other solutions that enable organizations to think creatively in terms of implementing secure communications into their workflows.

Looking Ahead

Tremendous strides have been made in healthcare interoperability over the last 20 years.  Business models, reimbursement mechanisms, and electronic health record (EHR) certifications have been modeled around the concept of more effective communications with peers and external partners.  With that being said, this year’s HIMSS conference gave us an opportunity to review the interoperability landscape as it exists today, and more importantly, asked our generation to ‘reimagine’ the future of healthcare.

When it comes to the technical aspect of reimagining healthcare, DataMotion remains an industry driver. Our secure exchange platform and robust suite of APIs and solutions offer a key element when it comes to innovation—flexibility. Our customizable options help organizations not only address today’s challenges and pain points, but also prepare for tomorrow’s considerations.

I’m looking forward to discussing how DataMotion’s solutions for the healthcare vertical can help your organization reimagine what is possible! If you have questions, or would like to set up a demo, please feel free to contact me personally, or reach out to our team of security experts.

Thank you to the organizers for an amazing and informative HIMSS22—I’m already excited to attend HIMSS23!