__Testing DataMotion APIs with Insomnia REST Client

__Testing DataMotion APIs with Insomnia REST Client 1024 576 Sarah Parks

By Janelle Phalon / Jul 27, 2023

Testing DataMotion APIs with Insomnia REST Client

Dive into API testing with this hands-on tutorial! Using DataMotion’s Secure Message Center API and the Insomnia REST Client, we guide you through the entire process, from setting up your environment to making an API call, and handling API responses. This tutorial is designed to empower you to build secure and efficient applications.

• Active DataMotion account and Insomnia REST Client.
• Knowledge of Secure Message Center API will be helpful (see documentation link below).

• DataMotion account: https://datamotion.com/portal/project/DataMotion/dashboard
• Insomnia REST Client: https://insomnia.rest/
• DataMotion Developer Center: https://developers.datamotion.com/SecureMessageCenter/MessagingAPI

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