Secure Contact Us

When you have a question related to your medical bills, finances, or insurance, don’t you want it resolved ASAP? Of course you do, and your customers aren’t any different. They want a quick, easy, and trustworthy way to submit sensitive questions. That ‘Contact Us’ form and email address on your website? That’s not secure. DataMotion’s secure contact us form and button for Teams and Enterprise customers fix this issue by allowing customers to initiate secure exchange from your existing website – boosting their experience and trust in your organization.
A prebuilt secure contact us channel enables easy encrypted messaging initiated by customers and clients.

Simplify Your Customer Initiated Secure Communications...

DataMotion’s pre-built secure contact us makes it easy for customers to ask questions or send documents containing personal, private information using encrypted messaging. All they need to do is select ‘Contact Us,’ type their message, attach any relevant files, click submit, and they’re done!

Integrates into Any Website

There’s no need for any additional portals or websites, our pre-built secure contact module integrates a secure ‘contact us’ message channel directly into your existing website. You can even include your own branding for an all-around, unified customer experience.

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Enables Customers to Initiate Secure Communications

Your customers shouldn’t have to rely on fax, mail, or overnight courier to send you sensitive information. With our secure contact us form and button, your customers can initiate secure, personal account questions directly from your website.

Supports Large File Attachments

Sometimes customers have a question and need to provide supporting information containing sensitive data. With DataMotion integrated into your website, customers can easily send you secure documents and files up to 100MB.

Easy Routing to the Correct Department

Make it easy for inquiries to arrive safely at the right department. Via a topic picklist, customers can easily choose the appropriate department to securely receive their information. Agents can then respond directly through the same secured pathway.

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Need secure messaging and document sharing inside your self-service portal?

Our secure message center is the perfect fit for you!

Sensitive messages and documents are sent securely from point A to point B

End-to-End Encryption

All of our services, including our secure contact, use industry standard encryption – AES-256, SSL, and TLS. So you (and your customers) can feel confident exchanging sensitive messages and attachments.

Built in Tracking, Reporting, and Monitoring

Know that your customers private information is delivered safely and securely. With built in tracking, HTML and CSV reporting, and monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year, you will always know the security status of your customer’s inquiries.

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Boost Your Business Goals with Secure Contact

Your customers and clients won’t hesitate to switch to a competitor with a better customer experience. That’s why the customer service you offer can make or break your business. Our pre-built secure contact us form and button not only improve your customer experience, but also allow you to achieve security and compliance goals, decrease customer turnover, and boost your profits.

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Achieve Security & Compliance Goals

Imagine this, a customer goes to your website with the intention of asking an account question. They go to your “Contact Us” form, see the big disclaimer saying, “Don’t submit sensitive information through this link!” So, they must resort to fax, postal mail or overnight delivery – a process that is costly, wastes time, and can greatly reduce customer satisfaction. All of this because privacy and security regulations limit customers from sending sensitive information unsecured online.

Luckily, DataMotion’s pre-built module for secure contact removes this burden from your customers. Because our service is compliant with privacy regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, GLBA, and more, you can reduce your organization’s risk while minimizing your exposure to regulatory violations, litigation, and penalties.

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Decrease Customer Turnover

Customers want to get in contact with you easily, securely, and as seamlessly as possible. By expanding customer support channels and simplifying support team engagement with a secure “Contact Us”, you can improve customer service effectiveness and enable meaningful and safe information exchange between customers and your support team.

Because our service encourages secure customer-initiated communications on any desktop or mobile device with access to your website, you can increase customer trust while granting them the assurance that you’re handling their private information securely. Accelerating customer service response times elevates the customer experience, ultimately allowing you to reduce customer churn.

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Allow Profits to Surge

Relying on fax, phone, snail mail, or overnight courier to exchange sensitive information whenever a customer has an inquiry can be time-consuming and not to mention, costly. By moving inquiries to one, secured contact us channel, you can reduce call center costs allowing your organization’s profits to surge.