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Secure Message Center APIs

Looking to boost your omnichannel strategy and improve your customer experience? A secure message center provides these capabilities and is a critical part of many business operations. Unfortunately, it can be time-consuming to create an entire ecosystem to support secure messaging. Fortunately, DataMotion APIs for secure messaging can help you eliminate this step and get more done.

DataMotion’s comprehensive set of APIs allows for fast and secure document and message exchange in portals, applications and workflows. Secure message center APIs cover a broad umbrella of functions, from provisioning and managing user accounts to sending, receiving, storing and tracking secure messages, email and files.

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Up Your Omnichannel Strategy

With easy integration, DataMotion’s secure messaging center APIs enable your existing self-service portal as a secure and bi-directional channel within your omnichannel customer service strategy. You’ll have a repository for exchanges with customers and improve the overall customer experience.

There are three different groupings of APIs within DataMotion’s secure message center — messaging, provisioning and administration — all of which support OAuth2 and SAML for single sign-on, including Okta and Ping Identity for enterprise-class authentication. Popular public IdPs such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple are also supported for secure message center user authentication.

How do you know when it’s time for a secure message center? Check out our list of things to look for on our blog.

Get started with our APIs quickly by downloading our Postman collection on GitHub.


Improve your secure message handling through the messaging API’s capability of sending, receiving and manipulating a user’s inbox. View our messaging APIs in action by watching our secure message center API demo video on the Postman tool.

With secure email API integration, you can get inbox message IDs, message summaries, summaries with metadata and unread messages, as well as search the inbox.

You can get a session key or account details, change a password or log out.

List all, create new and delete folders with ease.


Our provisioning API allows reseller or integration partners to programmatically provision companies and users with the DataMotion secure message center services.

Easily build secure messaging functionalities into an existing or new application, portal, or workflow with DataMotion APIs

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With DataMotion, you get everything you need to integrate our secure messaging APIs into your portal, application or workflow: