Secure Managed File Transfer

Tired of calling in your team at 2 am to deal with a complicated, failed file transfer? Our pre-built secure managed file transfer (MFT) for enterprise customers gives you assurance that your servers, mainframes, employees, partners and customers can easily and securely exchange sensitive data in a way that’s most natural to them. Save time and money with easy integration into your existing systems and be up and running within a day.
Pre-built managed file transfer enabling easy large file transfer from one service to another

Efficient File Transfer Without the Headache

DataMotion’s pre-built secure file transfer automation uses a simple, results-oriented approach making it easy to describe and manage your file transfers. By removing the need for custom scripts, file directories or access control lists – our MFT can save you time to focus on more important tasks.

File Directory Monitoring & Email Job Triggering

Whenever a Control File is uploaded into your file directory, a job will automatically be triggered based on the information contained in the file.

A job automatically triggering when a control file is uploaded.

Ad Hoc & Scheduled File Transfers

You’re in control of when you initiate a secure file transfer. Choose to transfer files on an ad hoc basis or opt to schedule ahead of time.

Upload sensitive files then schedule them to initiate a secure transfer at a specific time to one or more locations

Integrated Encryption – No Key Management

No longer is exchanging keys necessary to decrypt a file – simply click to initiate a secure file transfer and your recipient will receive a notification alerting them of the shared file.

Green shield with lock icon in the center

Configurable File Expiration

Users have the ability to configure their files to expire after a certain amount of time. Enabling you to grant access to recipients only during the specified time period.

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End-to-End Tracking & Reporting

View in one location the status of file transfers from when the transfer initiates to when it’s received and opened. Making it simple to prove Service Level Agreements and demonstrate compliance.

Supports File Transfers Up to 2GB

Easily and securely transfer large files up to 2GB. With support for any file type – you can exchange any file you need, all in one place.

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Get the Benefits of Managed Secure File Transfer for Your Business

Say goodbye to complicated, time-consuming, and unreliable file transfer practices and say hello to a secure managed file transfer service that works how you do. Our secure MFT gives your business the benefits of increased productivity, total visibility and control, and easy integration into your existing systems.

Simplified workflows that increase your business productivity, allowing you to spend your time on the business at hand.

Increased Productivity

Our secure managed file transfer is simple to use for senders and recipients. By streamlining workflows, senders can easily initiate a secure file transfer and recipients can access the file without the added steps of exchanging encryption keys. Simplifying secure file transfer increases your business productivity, allowing you to spend your more time on vital tasks like working with customers.

The secure transfer of messages, files, and attachments

Total Visibility & Control

DataMotion’s secure file transfer automation enables secure file exchange through a unique, centralized approach. By simply defining your file transfer objectives, our service will orchestrate and report on all your transfer activity.

Need to transfer your files on an ad hoc basis? Or, perhaps it’s important that you schedule your files to transfer automatically at certain times. You’re in control – our managed file transfer supports both in one, streamlined solution.

You’ll never need to question whether your secure file transfer was received. With central tracking and reporting, you have visibility into all exchanges – allowing you to prove compliance with privacy and security regulations.

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Easy Integration

Don’t waste time ripping and replacing your existing systems. Our secure file transfer integration service leverages and overlays any tools or systems that you, your partners, and end users already have in place. Because no scripting or development time is required, you can be up and running within a day.