Secure HTML Forms

We know that customer experience is everything, so every touchpoint with your organization should be seamless – even if you’re trying to collect and process confidential information. Unfortunately, collecting private information from customers on forms is often cumbersome due to privacy and security regulations. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. DataMotion’s pre-built secure HTML forms, available for Teams and Enterprise customers, streamlines this process and keeps data protected from entry all the way through submission.
Send seamless secure html forms data directly from an existing or new website to streamline workflows

Digital Transformation for Your Forms Processing

Standard, manual business processes are often error prone and if they involve paper, postal, or fax, the cost can quickly add up. DataMotion’s secure HTML forms are a powerful tool to submit sensitive data from any website with automatic integration into your back-end systems. Helping you cut costs, streamline workflows, and provide customers and partners with a seamless experience.

Customizable HTML Forms

Customize your secure HTML forms with your organization’s branding, logos, and disclaimers. As a result, you’ll provide your customers with an all-around, secure, unified experience.

Customizable html forms with the organization branding, logos and disclaimers.

End-to-End Encryption

Our secure HTML forms use industry standard encryption – AES-256, SSL, and TLS so you can allow your customers and partners to confidently submit sensitive information through your online forms.

Sensitive messages, emails, files, and attachments being encrypted from one device to the other

Multiple Machine & Human Readable Formats

Securely deliver structured data in multiple formats including XML, CSV, PDF, and plain text, ready to be consumed by virtually any service application, CRM or database application.

Automatic Tracking on Form Submissions

Our secure HTML forms automatically track the collecting and processing of sensitive information, increasing data visibility. Integration with existing applications allows rapid data analysis, data mining, and business action.

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Want to see how easy it is to use our secure HTML forms?

Receive notifications when a new HTML form is received.

Notifications & Confirmations via Email

Whenever a new HTML form submission is received, you will instantly receive a notification and confirmation via email including the data submitted via the form as well as a PDF receipt of the submission.

Experience the Benefits of our Secure HTML Forms

Bring your business processes to the next level. Our secure HTML forms make it easy to securely collect sensitive information from customers. Learn how our service can help you improve customer experience, enhance your form data collection efficiency and accuracy, and improve visibility across the board.

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Improve Customer Experience

Our secure HTML forms are not a one-size-fits all service. That’s why they’re made specifically for your business process needs while allowing you to utilize your branding, logo, and disclaimers. Enabling you to provide your customers with a secure, unified experience – boosting not only your customers confidence in your organization, but also raising their experience with you higher than before.

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Enhance Process Efficiency and Accuracy

Collecting sensitive information from customers can be very time-consuming. Not to mention, if your current process involves any manual input, this opens you up to the possibility of human error. Therefore, by making it easy for customers to securely submit confidential forms for loan applications, processing claims, medical history, and more, you can increase the efficiency of the customer data collection process. In addition, because our form security in HTML puts the data in an easy to read format, the time from initial customer contact to your response will decrease.

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Improve Visibility

Forms that are submitted via postal, courier, or fax can easily get lost at any time during their journey from the customer to you. By using our secure HTML forms, you’ll gain deep visibility into the status of your processes all the way from their initial form submission to their final destination – giving you assurance that they arrived securely. Not only that, but this improved visibility helps you make more intelligent business decisions by giving you visibility into the management, control, security, and reporting of data exchanges.