Secure Exchange Integrations

Businesses face challenges in exchanging files, records, and messages seamlessly and securely across their employee and customer-facing systems. Secure message and file exchange solutions have traditionally contributed to the problem by adding complexity and creating additional silos of data. DataMotion solves for these challenges.

We have a wide range of integrations available!

Integrate enterprise-grade platforms and consumer-facing applications securely, eliminating data silos. Salesforce and Genesys integrations, as well as Microsoft 365 integrations, including Power Automate, Outlook, and Teams. In addition, we integrate Identity Providers (IdPs), including Okta, enhancing user authentication, authorization, and access control.



Salesforce integration enables the world’s leading CRM to incorporate streamlined and secure communication.


Genesys integration allows agents to securely respond to customers without the need to switch between



Okta integration simplifies the management of user accounts, enhances access control, and bolsters cyber threat defenses.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams integration enables seamless, secure back-and-forth communication to users across organizations.

Empowering Seamless Data Exchange and User Experience through No-Code and Low-Code

DataMotion transforms data exchange and user experience using no-code and low-code methods. Our robust suite of RESTful APIs offers extensive endpoints, enabling developers to customize interactions to meet diverse needs across the organization.

Our DataMotion Integration Gateway (DIG) is integral to this process. DIG enables secure content to be integrated into enterprise applications, allowing employees to operate within the system while ensuring data security.

By merging these APIs with DIG and standards-based protocols, we enable enterprise platforms, including Salesforce, Genesys, and Microsoft 365, to exchange sensitive data, dissolving data silos. We also provide extensive integration with IdPs, enhancing the user experience, security, and accessibility.

By prioritizing zero trust, streamlined user authentication, and simplified access management, DataMotion enhances productivity and compliance. Our enterprise-grade solution provides an extensible set of integrations and a comprehensive feature set, meeting your current needs and providing the headroom to be a strategic part of your future strategy.

How We Help

Enjoy a communication experience that’s easier than ever with DataMotion’s secure exchange.

Save Time

Every project has its own unique needs – and one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a wide range of simple, reliable ways to get the job done. And no rip and replace of existing solutions, we promise!* (*Extra charge for miracles)

Be Compliant

Our Trust No One, Trust Nothing design lets your risk and compliance group sleep at night. And highly granular logging of all activity gives them the proof they need to please regulators and auditors.

Simplify Secure Interactions

Security is best when it’s built in and transparent. DataMotion integrations allow your employees, systems, partners and customers to easily and securely exchange sensitive data in ways that are most natural to them.

Simple, Seamless, and Secure Integrations? We Can Handle That…

Three different screens with arrows pointing in and out of them to demonstrate integrations

We Can Do What You Need, How You Need It

Integrate DataMotion in the way that’s best for you. We offer a variety of integration methods so you can seamlessly leverage our secure exchange services where and how your needs require. One size fits all… nope. That doesn’t even work for socks!

API Integrations

As an API company, DataMotion has a robust developer center, a complete range of well-documented REST APIs, and several GitHub repositories to get your secure exchange integration done quickly. We support Single Sign On (SSO) through systems that support OAuth2 and SAML. That includes CRMs like, custom customer portals and apps backed by enterprise IdPs like Okta and Ping Identity, and other systems ranging from accounting systems to ERPs.

Tenant Provisioning

Often used by ISVs that embed DataMotion functionality into software they offer their customers, allowing them to programmatically create company accounts, and manage and track metrics on a per customer basis.


Allows product functionality to be tuned to your specific needs.

User Management

Well, to manage users. OAuth2 and SAML are supported for seamless integration behind the login of your solution.

A variety of API integration methods including DataMotion’s Admin API, Messaging API, Provisioning API, HPD Search API, and Direct Messaging API to use however and wherever you see fit.

Message and Document Exchange

With built-in security compliance, delivery tracking down to the per recipient and per attachment level, and even retracting of messages sent by mistake.

Integrated Healthcare Provider Directory

With our HPD search API, you can enable access to the industry-wide list of Direct addresses within your solution.

Get Started Quickly

Our API support includes helper libraries and SDKs in several popular programming languages including C#, Python, and Java so you can easily begin building.

Public and Enterprise Identity Provider Integrations

Identity Providers (IdPs) form the backbone of user authentication for modern solutions.  DataMotion APIs integrate with top public and private IdPs to integrate secure message and document exchange into apps and systems in a seamless, simple way.

Looking to use one of our enterprise IdP integrations? Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Our IdP integrations support both public/social IdPs as well as private IdPs used by enterprises. Some of the identity providers we integrate with include:

  • Public/Social: Google; Apple; Microsoft; Office 365
  • Enterprise: OKTA; Ping Identity; Microsoft 365, ADFS

End User/Client Device Integrations

DataMotion integrations make users happy, allowing them to get their work done in a secure, compliant way… without getting in the way.

For Apple iPhone and iPad users, we’ve built the DataMotion app on top of our APIs, providing rapid scanning, document creation and editing, and secure sending of files and pictures when you’re on the go. It even adds privacy compliance to other iOS apps by allowing them to send securely using their iOS Share functionality. We’ve got your back!

We work with any email client by making server-side decisions such as sending securely based on content.

For Microsoft Outlook, we offer a one-click way to send and receive secure messages via a cleverly powerful, but reliable, toolbar add-in.

Protocol Integrations

With our protocol integrations, you can allow data to be transmitted from one device through our secure servers. Seamlessly integrate our protocols to enable the secure exchange of emails, messages, files, and documents directly through your existing solutions.

SMTP/s and POP3/s

Send and receive secure email from your existing email client, even when accessing Gmail from your browser, no plug-ins required! Seamlessly access your DataMotion account from any POP3 client including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and more, even ones you design yourself.

Pickup Directory

If your application can write a file to a disk, then our managed file transfer integration can deliver it reliably and securely. Customers take advantage of this integration to allow internal systems, think mainframes, Linux boxes and even AS/400s, to exchange secure files and documents with trading partners and customers.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Using this popular client and server method you can securely send and receive files. It’s an ideal way to automate regular tasks, whether sending or receiving data. Like all DataMotion integrations, you’ll have full visibility by logging into your DataMotion portal, or, with our API Integrations.

Learn more about SMTP/s and POP3/s for our secure mailbox

DataMotion Integrations for Clinical Exchange

DataMotion is an accredited DirectTrust and EHNAC HISP / CA / RA trusted by over 100 clinical and EHR vendors. Integrating with DataMotion HISP services allows your solution to exchange medical records and attachments (HL7 C-CDAs or CDA) with over 2 million provider and payer endpoints across the USA and its territories. Our integrations for establishing a secure Meaningful Use-compliant exchange with 3rd party health systems include:





We interoperate with all of the major EMRs used by hospitals, including:






Looking to integrate secure exchange into your solution? In our blog you’ll get tips and tricks for successfully integrating our services into your solutions.