Blog Enabling Secure, Automated Email Notifications with the Secure Message Delivery API

Enabling Secure, Automated Email Notifications with the Secure Message Delivery API

Enabling Secure, Automated Email Notifications with the Secure Message Delivery API


Recently, we released the DataMotion API for secure message delivery. Like the rest of our family of APIs, it’s just as easy to code into your apps, portals, and workflows as it is to bake a cake. But what makes it unique is that it’s a small subset of our larger collection of secure message center APIs. So, instead of getting APIs for secure messaging, administration, and provisioning, you’ll only be buying an API for sending secure messages. Think of it like a computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse bundle. If you only need the monitor, there’s no sense in paying more for the mouse and keyboard, so you’ll just buy the monitor by itself.

So, if the secure message delivery API is only a subset of our secure message center APIs, what exactly does it do? Well, as you would expect, it integrates the ability to send a secure message in one direction into whatever you build. Also, it supports granular tracking and reporting at the per recipient, per attachment level. With this API alone, you probably won’t be building out an entire ecosystem for secure exchange, but you might enable automated, secure email notifications or a one-way, user-initiated secure channel for sending sensitive documents in your app or portal, for example.

Sample Scenario

To paint a better picture of what you can build with this API, we’re going to highlight a brief, sample use case. Let’s imagine you’re a front-end developer for a wealth management firm tasked with creating a secure and automatic system for notifying clients whenever there is a change in their account allocation. You already have a system in place that tracks every action taken on a client’s account and records the exact time that each action occurred. Now, you just need to create a workflow that automatically sends an email notification whenever a major change in an account takes place, such as an account allocation change. You don’t want clients to be able to reply directly to this notification, they just need to be able to view the description of the change that was made, view the steps needed to resolve changes that they don’t recognize, and you need to be able to view who has received and opened each message and when they opened it. Because the workflows needed to send these notifications are linked to private account information, you recognize that it’s better if they are sent in a secure manner to protect your client’s data.

This is where the secure message delivery API comes into play. With a few lines of code, it helps you quickly inject the functionality for sending secure email alerts right into your workflow, so you don’t have to build it yourself. With this API, your organization can easily send secure, automated account notifications and track the status of every message sent for operational and compliance reporting. Essentially, you’ll achieve a win-win-win scenario. You’ll streamline your business processes, your developers will save valuable development time, and your client’s will receive a simpler and more secure user experience.

What’s Next?

So, now that you have a better idea of what you can build with the secure message delivery API, it’s time for you to get started and try it out for yourself. You can view documentation for this API or start building right now by signing up for a free trial right in our self-service portal.