Blog No-Code Experience for Simple Secure Data Exchange

No-Code Experience for Simple Secure Data Exchange

No-Code Experience for Simple Secure Data Exchange

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Leader in secure and compliant exchange develops no-code solution for mobile apps and portals

Morristown, NJ, August 23, 2022 – DataMotion, the leader in secure digital exchange, today announced the launch of the DataMotion No-Code Experience for mobile applications and portals. Examining the current market conditions and the related constraints on enterprise and healthcare development teams, they have created a simpler way to access the DataMotion platform.  The No-Code Experience is being launched as a web component, with the goal of delivering an easy and secure customer experience with few or no development resources required.

By just changing some settings in an intuitive user interface and gathering the required code snippet, customers can drop the No-Code web component into their responsive webpage. This creates a customized, secure message center within the customer’s mobile app or portal.  With the No-Code Experience, customers can set the web component to meet their specific use case.

DataMotion CEO Bob Janacek said, “DataMotion provides APIs and pre-built solutions so that our customers can introduce and enhance their secure exchange workflows where they need it.  Currently, our API-first approach requires customers to develop their user interface to call our platform. But in looking at market conditions, it is obvious that the impact of the “Great Resignation” has stretched our customers’ development resources too thin. The team at DataMotion stepped back, reimagined how we can deliver services to our customers, and concluded that our best approach was to develop the No-Code Experience. This experience brings the solution to market quickly, and results in compliance wins immediately.”

Careful design considerations have been made so that the web component has the look and feel of the enterprise portal.  This includes inheriting CSS and custom color branding in the settings screen for a fully-responsive solution.  Full control of what is being displayed for end users is simple.  To further simplify deployment, the DataMotion No-Code Experience can be enabled behind the login, as it is integrated with leading providers of enterprise single sign on (SSO) solutions.

“The DataMotion No-Code Experience is responsive by design and has been created with our 20 years of experience building and deploying secure content exchange solutions,” Janacek continued.  “This solution allows us to simplify the use of DataMotion’s platform where it is needed, without the enterprise having to build the UI.  We deliver secure content exchange to the customer’s website, mobile site, and anywhere it is needed.”

About DataMotion

DataMotion provides a secure digital exchange platform that redefines how organizations communicate, collaborate, and share information with their customers and partners. Leaders in financial services, insurance, government, healthcare, and call center markets leverage DataMotion to accelerate their business processes. In the healthcare sector, DataMotion allows for the easy exchange of medical records that facilitate modern clinical exchanges for telehealth, homecare, and large-scale solutions, enabling nationwide exchange with over 2.5 million clinical end points. DataMotion provides a suite of self-service APIs and connectors providing enterprises, developers, software vendors and system integrators the power to create easy-to-use applications and services, seamlessly enhancing their solutions with flexibility and compliance built in. The DataMotion platform is HITRUST CSF certified.

DataMotion is headquartered in Morristown, N.J.

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David Span, SVP Marketing