DataMotion Success Story: Government-Funded Consumer Complaint Agency

DataMotion Success Story: Government-Funded Consumer Complaint Agency 1024 683 Sarah Parks

Government-Funded Consumer Complaint Agency

DataMotion utilizes the DataMotion Platform, DataMotion Secure Email Automation, DataMotion Secure HTML Forms and DataMotion Secure Managed File Transfer to Automate Secure, Encrypted Data Exchange Across their Organization.


A national consumer‐complaint agency funded by a European country’s government (unnamed for security reasons) processes more than 1.5 million complaint cases a year via the Internet and phone. The agency counsels consumers via the phone and internet in an effort to help citizens resolve disagreements with suppliers of goods or services.


  • Exchange information securely between disparate computing environments
  • Securely route completed forms from website to appropriate department
  • Easy to implement and administer
  • Must pass stringent security audit
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction rating; Securely transfer email, files and forms within very short turnaround times
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure and applications
  • Automate inefficient manual processes
  • Easily provision additional trading partners and government entities
  • Grow with the agency


  • Encryption of complaint data
  • Implementation and administration
  • Integrating telephone and website complaints/manual processes
  • Stringent security audit requirements
  • Overtaxed IT department


Consumers post high volumes of complaints through forms on the agency’s website or relay their dissatisfactions via the phone. Inbound feeds come from sixteen different locations. These cases contain confidential and personally identifiable information. Many of the case details must be sent to local and federal authorities as well as trading partners. All of this must be accomplished within a secure, protected environment. Interacting with these disparate computing environments makes exchanging information difficult. All these requirements overtax already pushed‐to‐the‐limit IT infrastructures. Adding to the situation’s complexity, information must to be turned around in a timely fashion in order to ensure a high customer satisfaction rating.


DataMotion Platform. DataMotion Secure Email Automation, DataMotion Secure HTML Forms and DataMotion Secure Managed File Transfer


The consumer‐complaint agency decided to take advantage of the DataMotion unified platform which conforms to Micosoft’s .NET and Web services API standards. “We were attracted by the apparent power and simplicity of the DataMotion solution,” said an IT consultant representing the agency. “DataMotion was prepared to invest in understanding our requirements and suggested more workable alternatives, many of which we eventually adopted.” DataMotion solutions automated the agency’s processes, so it could easily and quickly exchange information while simultaneously tightening security and efficiency. The agency implemented several key applications on the unified platform: including DataMotion secure email automation, secure managed file transfer and secure HTML forms.

Secure email enabled the agency to have full control over all messaging in a safe and trackable environment. The agency now enjoys a secure yet flexible environment that integrates with its existing infrastructure and applications — eliminating the need to rebuild. Secure forms automates XML transformation so the agency can share information with different kinds of computers, applications and organizations. Now the agency is able to deliver secure forms data into its backend customer relationship management system. Secure file transfer allows the agency to send and receive large messages and files in a bandwidth‐controlled manner.


  • Standards-based applications quickly integrated into existing ecosystem
  • Received $5 of value for every dollar spent
  • Agency can easily, securely exchange email, files and forms between disparate computing environments
  • High scores on external security audit due to military-grade encryption
  • Customer satisfaction ratings now over 90%
  • Completed webforms are quickly and securely routed into the appropriate department back-end system, eliminating manual input
  • Easy to grow, provision, administer and support due to cloud-based unified platform
  • All exchanges are tracked and reportable

“We were able to offer a secure, flexible environment, “ said Bob Janacek, DataMotion CTO, “that tightly integrated with what the agency already had rather than rebuilding its infrastructure from scratch.”

“Thanks to DataMotion solutions, the trading standards officers will now be able to concentrate solely on tackling high‐level cases of fraud and counterfeiting,” said an agency spokesperson.