AI Strategy: DataMotion’s Roadmap Q4 and Beyond 1024 448 Andrew McKenna

AI Strategy: DataMotion’s Roadmap Q4 and Beyond

DataMotion Product Update: November 22, 2023

As the VP of Product at DataMotion, I understand the wild ride that is Q4 and the close of another year – especially for those involved in product development and strategic planning. With three quarters down, we often see roadmaps shift, customer requests accumulate, and new customers join as we launch products and phase out others. Meanwhile, end-of-year development is in full swing, and KPIs are under close review.

But it’s also the most crucial quarter. In Q4, team leads must prioritize, budget, and align their teams to deliver maximum value to end-users, enterprise customers, and stakeholders. These three busy months lay the groundwork for success in the coming year.

Throughout the chaos of this busy quarter, DataMotion remains committed to enabling a seamless and reliable Secure Digital Engagement Platform for all. Our product development team continues to meet our customers’ current needs while proactively anticipating their future demands. This ongoing customer-centric focus is the basis of our roadmap for Q4 and into what we’re sure will be a transformative year for Team DataMotion.

This ongoing customer-centric focus is the basis of our roadmap for Q4 and into what we're sure will be a transformative year for Team DataMotion.

The Future of AI-Powered LLMs and Enterprise Content Security

A significant focus on our roadmap is empowering customers with the next digital revolution: artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs). In 2023, our product and R&D teams extensively explored this, and our vision is becoming a reality as we close the year and prepare for 2024.

However, as enterprises start to embrace AI, they face significant challenges in securing enterprise content and managing AI responses. CIOs and innovation teams are deeply involved in creating strategies to mitigate these risks. Yet, there’s a parallel narrative emerging at the operational level. Frontline workers are incorporating LLMs like Bard, Bing Chat, and ChatGPT into their workflows. They’re tapping into these tools for efficiency gains and expansive knowledge bases, often without full awareness of the potential risks of misinformation and data security vulnerabilities. This emphasizes the need for a balanced approach encompassing technological advancement and stringent security protocols.

Industry Examples and Seamless Integration

Optimizing 24/7 Support: AI-Driven Chatbots in Financial Services

The financial sector is a prime example of LLMs’ transformative power. Fraud detection has become more sophisticated with AI’s ability to analyze and flag unusual transaction patterns. Risk management has evolved, with financial institutions developing more resilient investment strategies and customer service models that employ AI-driven chatbots for 24/7 support, reflecting AI’s integration into daily operations.

Empowering Patient Care: LLMs and Drug Discovery in Healthcare

In healthcare, LLMs like Google’s Med-PaLM 2 are making significant strides. They deliver precise responses to complex medical queries and streamline clinical documentation. These advancements are not just about efficiency—they’re about enhancing the quality of patient care by supporting drug discovery efforts through efficient analysis of scientific literature for potential treatments.

Our customers can confidently leverage AI, knowing that the responses are accurate, sourced from their vetted content, and safeguarded against external threats.

Navigating Challenges with Proactive Solutions

Acknowledging the trend of frontline AI integration, DataMotion is focused on providing solutions that safeguard against the risks associated with LLMs. We are developing systems that ensure content security and controlled AI interactions, addressing the separation between the speed of AI adoption and the need for robust governance.

We understand the necessity of a trustworthy AI system. As such, DataMotion’s innovative solutions are designed to maintain the integrity and security of enterprise content while harnessing the capabilities of LLMs. Our customers can confidently leverage AI, knowing that the responses are accurate, sourced from their vetted content, and safeguarded against external threats.

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Enabling Next-Level Efficiency in Financial Services with DataMotion’s Lightning Application 1024 448 Jim Hyde

Enabling Next-Level Efficiency in Financial Services with DataMotion’s Lightning Application

Pair Salesforce Lightning with the DataMotion secure message center to create a dynamic solution that enhances communication and ensures the robust protection of sensitive data.

DataMotion, a secure digital exchange platform integrated with Salesforce Lightning, enables seamless business-essential communication. Integrating DataMotion’s Salesforce Lightning App redefines how wealth managers, brokers, clients, and prospects communicate by enabling efficient and secure messaging from within Salesforce to external client systems and portals.

Opportunities for Enhanced Communications in Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning’s integrated workflow facilitates effective client engagement and improves business operations across industries. However, a notable gap exists for professionals in financial services and other regulated industries. These professionals frequently must alternate between Salesforce and other siloed applications to maintain secure communications. This constant switching adds unnecessary time and complexity to their workflow and leads to activities occurring outside of Salesforce. This results in incomplete communication records and the potential for errors or missed details in industries where comprehensive record-keeping is crucial.

Elevating Salesforce Lightning with Secure Messaging

With DataMotion’s secure message center integrated with Salesforce Lightning, your team can communicate with external systems and apps without leaving the Salesforce environment. The app eliminates the need to switch between platforms to exchange sensitive documents, contracts, or client details – while maintaining data integrity within Salesforce. The streamlined workflow enhances efficiency, ensuring that sensitive information stays protected while simplifying daily operations.

DataMotion Salesforce Lightning App Benefits:

  • Bidirectional Secure Messaging: Facilitate seamless and secure back-and-forth communication inside or outside Salesforce. Establishing a secure channel for all interactions, the app extends from the CRM to external portals, ensuring consistent and reliable security across various communication platforms.
  • Integrated Document Management: Simplify document management directly within Salesforce. Easily attach files from Salesforce to your messages or upload new documents with the assurance that all attachments remain securely housed within the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Unified and Efficient Platform: Embedding secure communication tools into Salesforce Lightning enables teams to work more productively, reduce delays, and offer exceptional service to clients – eliminating the need to switch between different platforms.
  • Complete Audit Trail: Keep a precise and reliable log of every interaction within the system, offering a straightforward and trustworthy trail of client communications and document exchanges. This comprehensive audit also aids in maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Real World Application: Enhancing Communication in Financial Services

Consider a wealth management firm where client communication is critical for customer success. In the past, wealth managers toggled between Salesforce for client management and external platforms for secure messaging, a process that was not only cumbersome but also posed data security risks.

With the DataMotion Salesforce Lightning App, the landscape has changed significantly. Sharing a sensitive investment plan is as simple as doing it directly within Salesforce. This seamless approach ensures timely delivery of communications to the client and a complete interaction record for compliance purposes, all done securely within the Salesforce platform.

The benefits are substantial. Wealth managers now focus more on client needs rather than juggling multiple platforms. This streamlined communication builds trust and satisfaction among clients and enhances firm operations. The integration marks a pivotal shift towards improved efficiency, compliance, and a more satisfied client base.

Request a demo of the DataMotion secure message center Salesforce Lightning app

DataMotion: Unlocking a New Era of Secure and Efficient Communication

DataMotion is designed to meet financial services and other regulated industries’ unique needs, expertly balancing institutional demands with client expectations. Built on a zero-trust framework, it offers secure communication tools, including API and no-code solutions, to address today’s digital challenges. By elevating engagement platforms like Salesforce, DataMotion enhances workflows with seamless integration, ensuring efficiency and security.

The DataMotion Salesforce Lightning App is designed to pave the way for a new era of secure and streamlined communication. With DataMotion, organizations unlock the full potential of their communication tools, achieving unparalleled productivity and data protection in their operations.

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Bridging the Gap: The Future of Healthcare Data Interoperability 1024 448 Christian Grunkemeyer

Bridging the Gap: The Future of Healthcare Data Interoperability

It’s no secret that the volume of public health data is growing, which is why the importance of interoperability in healthcare cannot be emphasized enough. In August, I attended the 2023 Civitas Networks for Health Annual Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. The insights I gathered from my interactions with customers and partners throughout the year were echoed and reinforced at this event. Discussions throughout the conference made it clear that the seamless and secure flow of patient data across systems is a top priority for industry leaders. The following blog post covers some of my learnings and insights from the conference.

1. The Rise of the Health Data Utility (HDU) Framework

The HDU framework, designed as a guide to implementations, emerged as a signal of hope for many. The framework underscores the need to transition from simply collecting data to actively using it to improve patient outcomes. It’s clear that the future for the industry lies in not just having data but in effectively leveraging its power without sacrificing healthcare data security.

2. Challenges in the Healthcare Ecosystem

The conference shed light on critical challenges in today’s healthcare landscape. A stark disconnect persists between individual-focused healthcare and broader public health initiatives. This divide is particularly concerning given the anticipated 7.0% increase in out-of-pocket healthcare costs in 2024. Already, nearly 40% of Americans are forgoing essential treatments due to financial constraints. Further increasing the need for more holistic healthcare solutions is the fact that more than 2 million Americans do not have access to safe drinking water. Addressing these issues demands a unified approach including fostering provider-public health collaborations, advocating for cost-regulating policies, harnessing technological innovations and involving communities in health decisions.

3. The Bridge Between Languages

One of the standout issues was a world where healthcare systems can ‘speak’ different languages yet seamlessly exchange data while enabling easy access by end users. By bridging these language gaps, healthcare providers can ensure continuity of care. For example, a doctor can have access to a patient’s full medical history, even if some of it was recorded in a different system. Secure data exchange tools like DataMotion provide healthcare data solutions that can serve as conduits, ensuring that patient data is accessible, understandable and readily available across platforms.

4. The Imperative of Bi-directional Public Health Data Sharing

The emphasis on bi-directional data sharing between states and systems emerged as a recurring theme. Historically, data sharing in healthcare has been predominantly one-sided. However, the evolving landscape necessitates a more collaborative stance. The push for bi-directional data exchange, with a particular focus on health information security, signifies a great shift in our perception of healthcare data interactions. It’s not just a technical hurdle but also a cultural challenge that demands a change in mindset across the healthcare ecosystem.

The journey towards achieving comprehensive bi-directional data sharing presents both technical and cultural obstacles. Yet, the potential advantages for patient care, public health and medical innovation are substantial. As healthcare evolves, collaboration becomes even more imperative, making bi-directional data sharing a pivotal move forward.

5. The Power of Data in Driving Outcomes

The Civitas conference showcased the transformative potential of data and its immense impact on modern healthcare. When data is readily available, it drives insights and innovation across the industry, improving decision-making, resource allocation and predictive analysis. The potential of data to transform the industry emphasizes the importance of integrated systems, patient-centric care and transparency. From the Pathways Community HUB Model’s emphasis on the social determinants of health (SDOH) to the discussions around Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Qualified Health Information Networks (QHIN), Rural Health Innovation Collaboratives (RHIC) and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO), it’s clear that data will be at the heart of healthcare’s next evolution.

6. The Dental Data Conundrum

The Civitas conference emphasized the urgent need for dental data interoperability within broader healthcare systems, given the direct link between dental health and overall clinical success. A concerning statistic revealed during the session “The Case for Medical and Dental Data Interoperability: The Time Is Now” uncovered that 4% of Medicaid beneficiaries are hospitalized due to untreated dental issues. Despite the importance, dentistry, often seen as a “cottage” industry, faces challenges like misaligned terminology with Health Information Technology (HIT) and a preference for proprietary APIs over universal ones like FHIR. Addressing concerns from Dental and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) about participation and infrastructure, the vision for the future is a unified medical and dental data framework. This integrated approach would prioritize direct access to diagnostic images and patient data, streamlining patient care and reducing reliance on third-party portals.

7. The Road Ahead with TEFCA and eHealth Exchange

The discussions around The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) and the eHealth Exchange highlighted the industry’s direction. These frameworks and exchanges will play a pivotal role in standardizing data exchange and ensuring that patient data is accessible when and where it’s needed whether it’s leveraging Direct Secure Messaging, FHIR APIs, or even secure file transfer.

In Conclusion

The conference was a testament to the industry’s commitment to improving healthcare through data. As a subject matter expert at DataMotion, I understand our unique position to affect change in the industry and am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. The future of healthcare is not just about innovation but effective implementation. By enabling interoperability between systems, focusing on patient-centric care and leveraging the power of data, we can bring in a new era of more efficient, effective and equitable healthcare.

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[Case Study] Enhancing Customer Experience in Health Insurance with Secure Messaging 1024 683 Christian Grunkemeyer

[Case Study] Enhancing Customer Experience in Health Insurance with Secure Messaging

In today’s dynamic landscape of health insurance, providing exceptional customer experience has become a top priority for insurers. To meet this demand, a health insurance technology start-up (insurtech) partnered with DataMotion, a leading provider of data privacy and security solutions, to develop a revolutionary customer experience platform (CX Platform). This collaboration aimed to enable HIPAA-compliant communication and the secure exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) between members, providers and payers. In this blog post, we will delve into the success story of this collaboration, exploring how it transformed the health plan’s customer experience while ensuring compliance with stringent security and privacy regulations.

A Challenge That Sparked Innovation

The health plan provider, seeking to improve their customer experience, faced a significant challenge. They wanted to empower their members to securely exchange information and communicate with customer service representatives directly from their self-service web portal. However, using Amazon Web Services’ simple email as a relay server fell short of meeting the stringent security requirements mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy and security regulations. The insurer desired a seamless experience, eliminating the need for members to use multiple communication methods. Additionally, they wanted to leverage existing technology investments to maximize return on investment (ROI) and ensure familiarity for members and service representatives.

In their quest to overcome these challenges, the insurer found a trusted partner in DataMotion, who they had previously collaborated with on various projects. Leveraging their existing relationship, the insurtech discovered that DataMotion possessed a comprehensive suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) for secure messaging, email, and file exchange. These APIs, collectively known as secure message center APIs, presented an opportunity to integrate a secure message center with the CX Platform and the health plan member services portal.

Rapid Integration and Seamless Customer Experiences

With the goal of revolutionizing the customer experience, the insurtech and DataMotion swiftly embarked on integrating the secure message center APIs into the CX Platform. The API integration enabled plan members and service representatives to securely connect and share supporting documents through familiar messaging tools within the portal. The integration ensured the HIPAA-compliant and secure exchange of PHI while streamlining the communication flow through a single existing portal.

One of the key advantages of the secure message center was its ability to integrate into their contact center application. This integration facilitated efficient handling of member queries and issues, ensuring timely responses and effective resolution. Additionally, the secure message center generated response notifications, keeping members informed throughout the process. The detailed logging reports provided transaction history details, which not only aided regulatory compliance but also offered valuable insights for process improvements and customer service enhancements.

The deployment of the secure message center was a remarkable success story. It took less than a month to integrate, allowing for a seamless transition without disruptions to business operations. Leveraging the existing technology investments of the insurer minimized costs and maximized ROI. The Vice President of Security and Infrastructure from the insurtech expressed their satisfaction with DataMotion, stating, “Sometimes you venture into these projects, and it doesn’t work, and the vendor ends up losing a lot of money. DataMotion did this PoC with no strings attached, that’s how confident they were. Just two weeks into this trial, we all knew that we had exactly what we wanted – and more.”

Benefits and Results

The collaboration between the insurtech and DataMotion yielded significant benefits, transforming the health insurance customer experience. Let’s explore the key advantages and results achieved:

  • Secure Exchange: Members, providers, and payers could securely exchange information without additional portals or communication methods. The integration of secure messaging capabilities within the CX Platform ensured that PHI remained protected at all times.
  • Simplified User Experience: By seamlessly integrating the secure message center into the CX Platform, the member and provider user experience was enhanced. Members could communicate with service representatives directly from the self-service web portal, eliminating the need for multiple channels or cumbersome processes. This streamlined approach improved overall satisfaction and engagement.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The secure message center solution enabled the insurer to meet the stringent security and privacy regulations outlined by HIPAA. Secure PHI exchange and the availability of detailed logging reports ensured compliance, reducing the risk of data breaches and potential regulatory penalties.
  • Efficient Case Management: The integration of case numbers for tracking in ticketing systems allowed for efficient case management. Service representatives could effectively handle member inquiries, assign appropriate resources, and ensure timely resolutions. Response notifications kept members informed throughout the process, enhancing transparency and trust.

Future Outlook

The success of the secure message center integration led to its adoption as a standard feature within the insurtech’s CX Platform. This forward-looking approach empowered insurers to provide hassle-free service and meet the evolving expectations of consumers accustomed to streamlined experiences in other aspects of their digital lives. The partnership between the insurtech and DataMotion not only enabled the provision of best-of-breed technology under a single platform but also strengthened the collaboration between the two companies.


In an industry driven by customer-centricity, the collaboration between the insurtech and DataMotion showcased the power of innovative technology in revolutionizing the health insurance customer experience. By seamlessly integrating a secure message center into the CX Platform, insurers securely exchanged PHI, enhanced communication channels, and streamlined processes. This success story serves as an inspiration for the industry, highlighting the importance of strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions in meeting evolving customer expectations. With the transformative power of secure messaging, health insurers can elevate their customer experience to new heights, ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of their members in the digital era.

Discover more about how DataMotion’s secure message center and data security and privacy solutions elevate customer experience and compliance for health insurance organizations by reaching out to our team of experts. Stay up to date with the latest industry news, tips, and best practices by subscribing to our monthly newsletter and by following us on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

[Infographic] How the Secure Message Center Elevated a Health Insurance Organization’s Customer Experience & Compliance

Infographic for case study enhancing customer experience in health insurance with secure messaging
[Case Study] How DataMotion Transformed Secure Messaging for a Major Financial Services Company 1024 448 Anne Marie Murray

[Case Study] How DataMotion Transformed Secure Messaging for a Major Financial Services Company

Secure and efficient communication is vital for financial services organizations. This blog post dives into a compelling case study of a major financial services company that partnered with DataMotion to overcome significant challenges in transitioning their outdated, end-of-life secure messaging system to a modern, robust and scalable solution. By leveraging DataMotion’s innovative secure messaging solutions and expertise spanning over two decades, the company achieved enhanced client communications, turnkey integration, cost-effectiveness, automated compliance, and a seamless transition for advisors and clients.


Like many financial services firms, the organization relied on a self-service portal and a secure message center to facilitate communications with their clients. However, they faced a critical obstacle when their existing secure messaging software provider unexpectedly announced end-of-life and support for the system. This left the company with a pressing need to find a new solution that could maintain their customer experience, improve security and compliance and offer cost-effective implementation within a tight timeframe. Failure to find an adequate solution in time meant increased security and compliance risks, potential disruptions to client communications, and decreased efficiency among employees.


With limited time available, the financial services company initiated a search for a comprehensive secure messaging solution. DataMotion quickly emerged as the ideal partner due to their extensive, industry-leading experience integrating secure message center solutions through robust APIs. DataMotion’s solution aligned perfectly with the company’s requirements, allowing for a fast and seamless transition while leveraging their existing infrastructure and webmail interface. By deploying the solution on Microsoft Azure and utilizing robust security features, DataMotion ensured scalability, cost-effectiveness and the highest level of data protection.


The transition to DataMotion’s secure messaging solution yielded impressive results:

  1. Enhanced client communications: The solution seamlessly handled 10,000 messages between clients and advisors on the first day, preserving the familiar user experience.
  2. Turnkey integration: DataMotion’s solution seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure and webmail interface, minimizing disruption and the need for extensive retraining.
  3. Cost-effective solution: Unlike alternative proposals that required costly wholesale replacements, DataMotion’s fit-for-purpose approach delivered the required benefits at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Automated compliance: The solution incorporated reporting and compliance features, streamlining regulatory requirements for advisors without additional effort.
  5. No retraining required: The familiar interface and user experience of DataMotion’s secure messaging solution eliminated the need for retraining employees, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Road Ahead

The financial services company recognizes the potential for further leveraging DataMotion’s secure message center functionality. They appreciated DataMotion’s commitment and industry leadership in delivering secure messaging solutions in the SaaS and RegTech categories. By combining security, compliance and high-volume messaging and file exchange workflows, DataMotion continues to drive improved communication outcomes and cost efficiencies while maintaining information security.

DataMotion’s collaboration with the financial services company showcases the power of innovative secure messaging solutions in the financial services industry. By partnering with DataMotion, the company successfully overcame the challenge of transitioning their secure messaging system, resulting in enhanced client communications, streamlined operations, and improved compliance. DataMotion’s API-driven approach, cost-effectiveness, and commitment to client satisfaction have positioned them as a trusted partner for secure messaging solutions in the financial services sector.

Discover how DataMotion’s secure messaging and document exchange solutions elevate compliance and enhance customer experience for financial services organizations and other regulated industries by reaching out to our team of experts. Stay up to date with the latest industry news, tips, and best practices by subscribing to our monthly newsletter and by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

[Infographic] Secure Messaging Transformation Case Study

The High Stakes of Data Exchange on Insecure Social Channels: A Technical Approach and Solution 1024 448 Christian Grunkemeyer

The High Stakes of Data Exchange on Insecure Social Channels: A Technical Approach and Solution

The ubiquity of data exchange in our interconnected world has become more pronounced with the availability of social channels like Twitter and Facebook. Despite their convenience, these social channels are notorious for their lack of privacy and security. Even Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, recently underscored the insecurity of Twitter’s private messaging system. So why is there not more public concern? This can be attributed to the overwhelming convenience of these platforms and a general resignation to their lack of privacy. While Twitter acknowledges the importance of addressing data privacy and security concerns, their recent efforts to enhance security measures still fall short of providing an acceptable solution. The question remains: will unsuspecting users perceive these measures as sufficient, or will they more deeply examine data privacy issues? We’ll dig into those details shortly.

The Risks of Exchanging Sensitive Data on Insecure Social Channels

Contact centers such as Genesys have long embraced social channels like Twitter and Facebook for participating in seamless back-and-forth communication. However, this flow is disrupted when highly regulated data enters the conversation. As a contact center starts to handle information for regulated industries like Financial Services, Healthcare, or Government, the dialogue swiftly escalates from “what error message are you getting on your printer” to “what is your account number and social security number.” Everyday social channels are ill-equipped for this level of data exchange, leaving contact centers in a dilemma.

The risk heightens when sensitive data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI) data, and Protected Health Information (PHI), is exchanged on insecure social channels. This could lead to detrimental consequences for both individuals and businesses. Picture an employee, attempting to cater to a customer’s preferences by sending PII through Twitter’s private messaging system after receiving it via the same channel. The moment the PII escapes the protective shield of the corporate firewall, it’s exposed to potential compliance violations and hacking threats.

The Limitations of Encrypted Email Solutions

Encrypted email has long been an option for secure data exchange, but its complexity makes it not a favorite among users. Many encrypted email technologies are disjointed, fragmented, and challenging to navigate. Customers who opt for receiving their data through social channels are unlikely to engage in a convoluted process to access an encrypted email. The objective, then, is to develop a secure communication channel that aligns with users’ expectations and seamlessly integrates into an organization’s business processes.

The Necessity of End-to-End Security

Applications like WhatsApp provide the added security of end-to-end encryption. However, this requires users to install and register for another app, disrupting their seamless experience within existing customer apps or portals. While Twitter’s announcement of a paid version with encrypted messaging is promising, it comes with certain limitations such as monthly fees, no file attachments, and the requirement for recipients to follow senders to enable encryption features. To address these challenges, the ideal solution is to establish a secure communication channel that seamlessly integrates with both internal and external endpoints. This solution ensures robust data security while transparently integrating into existing workflows and user experiences. By achieving this seamless integration, organizations can prioritize data privacy without compromising user convenience.

The DataMotion Solution

DataMotion tackles this issue head-on by providing organizations with the tools to harness a secure, compliant communication channel specially tailored for effective data exchange. This secure channel is ideal for sharing confidential information between enterprises and customers – envision it as a social channel designed for regulated industries. DataMotion’s solutions place emphasis on streamlining workflows and enhancing user experiences. As a result, businesses are empowered to engage securely with customers from within their existing apps and portals. The end result is seamless relationships characterized by heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Solution Benefits

  • Seamless Integration: DataMotion seamlessly integrates with existing systems, providing organizations and customers with a user-friendly environment for real-time, secure data exchange. This integration eliminates the need for complex migrations or disruptions in workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Zero Trust Design: With DataMotion’s sophisticated encryption technologies and stringent compliance standards, organizations can trust that their sensitive information is always protected. By implementing a zero-trust approach, DataMotion ensures data integrity and confidentiality, mitigating the risks of unauthorized access or data breaches.
  • Secure Channel: DataMotion offers a variety of secure digital channels, including chat, email, and secure file transfers. This enables organizations to securely communicate and share information with customers and partners, fostering trust and confidentiality in their interactions.
  • Scalability: DataMotion’s robust architecture allows the solution to scale seamlessly as organizational needs evolve. Whether it’s handling a growing volume of data or accommodating an expanding user base, DataMotion adapts to changing requirements, ensuring continuous and reliable service.
  • Certifications and Accreditations: DataMotion holds various certifications and accreditations, including HITRUST CSF®, EHNAC accreditation for HISP, CA, and RA services, and DirectTrust accreditation. This comprehensive compliance framework encompasses industry regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH, providing organizations with the assurance that their data exchange practices meet the highest security and privacy standards.

Exchanging sensitive data on insecure social channels like Twitter necessitates a more cautious approach. Both businesses and individuals must prioritize secure channels that are user-friendly and maintain data security from end to end. DataMotion’s solution adheres to the highest regulatory standards, offering streamlined, secure, and compliant exchange with your customers. By adopting integrated secure solutions like DataMotion, we can mitigate the risks associated with exchanging sensitive information on insecure platforms, while still accommodating the preferences of modern users, ensuring that organizations and their customers can engage in seamless, protected communication.

Don’t leave your customers’ data vulnerable on insecure social platforms. Discover how DataMotion enables organizations to offer a secure, compliant social channel that prioritizes both security and seamless customer communications. Contact our team of experts now and request a personalized demo.

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Stethoscope lies on tablet and white icon medical with hand doctor using laptop to securely exchange healthcare data. Healthcare business technology network concept.
DataMotion: A Pioneer in Secure Data Exchange for Healthcare 1024 448 Andrew McKenna

DataMotion: A Pioneer in Secure Data Exchange for Healthcare

Ensuring the secure and efficient exchange of sensitive information including medical records, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) is crucial to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare ecosystem, which includes a wide range of participants including payers, providers, social services, and long-term care facilities. However, the presence of disparate systems among these organizations increases interoperability challenges. That’s where DataMotion, a leading provider of secure data exchange and HISP (Health Information Service Provider) services, comes into play, uniquely equipped to overcome these challenges.

As a founding member of DirectTrust™ with over two decades of experience providing secure data exchange solutions, we have worked on some of the most demanding, high-volume projects in healthcare and other regulated industries. Clients turn to us to establish connections and streamline their operations, facilitating simple and secure digital communication channels within their familiar applications. We understand the intricate demands of healthcare organizations and regulated industries, tailoring our solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Unique Challenges in a Demanding Industry

Clinical data exchange and interoperability are crucial for delivering timely and accurate patient care, streamlining operations, reducing costs and complying with stringent regulations. However, due to the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders, including payors, providers, public health organizations, and community-based organizations (CBOs), the healthcare industry faces unique challenges in achieving these goals. Across the ecosystem, it’s understood that protecting patient PHI is a critical necessity, yet that data must be securely exchanged in such a way that it can be easily accessed to monitor disease outbreaks, coordinate care and services for vulnerable populations, and make informed decisions about patient care in real-time. In this complex landscape, establishing secure and interoperable data exchange between these systems is a difficult balance to strike, especially when each stakeholder often has different technologies and security protocols in place. To address these challenges, DataMotion plays a critical role in facilitating secure data exchange and interoperability.

Accredited HISP, CA, and RA Services

DataMotion’s accredited HISP, Certificate Authority (CA), and Registration Authority (RA) services ensure seamless, secure data exchange for key stakeholders and signify that we have met the rigorous requirements for data security and privacy set forth by DirectTrust. Additionally, our CA and RA accreditations allow us to issue and manage digital certificates – simplifying identity verification and establishing a robust, secure, and trustworthy framework for clinical exchange. This framework allows DataMotion to enroll patients on the DirectTrust network in a cost-effective & scalable manner allowing them to exchange healthcare information with their providers.

Empowering Natural Participation

Our innovative approach allows payers, providers, patients and the care community to engage with the secure data exchange process in ways that are most natural to them. Leveraging full lifecycle RESTful APIs, secure standards-based protocols, and a trust no one, trust nothing design, we enable simple and secure PHI exchange across diverse healthcare systems, including electronic health records (EHRs), patient portals, and contact center systems. Stakeholders benefit from reduced administrative burdens and increased employee productivity, more efficient collaboration and care coordination with external partners, and improved patient outcomes. By facilitating easy participation, DataMotion helps organizations streamline their workflows and enhance collaboration without compromising on security.

Proactive System Monitoring

To ensure system performance and availability, we deliver a comprehensive suite of features, including analytics and reporting to enable message tracking and provide insights into system performance. With 24/7 network monitoring, testing, and support services, as well as a 99.9% uptime with built-in redundancies, we ensure operations are always up and running smoothly. Our robust technology eliminates data loss and accelerates data exchange, ensuring that providers and patients experience seamless and secure PHI exchange. Moreover, our expert monitoring of overall HISP communications detects, reports, and resolves issues, providing a safe and secure data exchange experience.

Proven Nationwide Resilience

The DataMotion Platform is designed for nationwide scale, as proven during the COVID-19 pandemic response, to exchange millions of electronic case report (eCR) documents and corresponding reports between the nation’s hospitals and public and private health departments. The platform scaled to handle more than 2 million records per day.

Experience Across Industries

DataMotion’s expertise extends beyond healthcare, with a proven track record in financial services and government sectors. This cross-industry experience allows us to bring a more robust, holistic, and modern approach to clients’ digital modernization efforts. By understanding the unique challenges faced by each sector, DataMotion offers tailored solutions that address industry-specific needs.

DataMotion: Your Partner in Enabling Digital Modernization

DataMotion’s commitment to providing secure data exchange solutions for regulated industries has made us a trusted leader in the healthcare space. Our comprehensive suite of APIs and connectors enable payers and providers to integrate HIPAA-compliant secure messaging into their applications and workflows. With our vast experience, modern approach, and comprehensive services, DataMotion is the ideal partner for organizations seeking to achieve digital modernization while maintaining the highest security and compliance standards.­

Discover how DataMotion enhances collaboration, streamlines operations, and promotes better health outcomes without compromising on security by visiting our solutions page or contacting our team of experts today. Stay up to date on the latest industry tips, tricks, and best practices for secure exchange by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

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Connect with us at Enterprise Connect 2023 1024 404 Team DataMotion

Connect with us at Enterprise Connect 2023

We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at Enterprise Connect 2023 this March in Orlando, Florida! This will be one of many conferences we are sponsoring this year and we are looking forward to networking with other industry professionals and chatting about the latest technologies and trends in communications and customer experience.

If you’re attending the event, stop by Booth 1643 to learn more about how we deliver simple, consistent, and secure messaging and document exchange experiences within users’ native environments.

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What to Expect at Booth 1643

Team DataMotion will be on-site and ready to talk with you about your secure workflows and customer experiences. If your enterprise deals with sensitive PII or PHI like client financial data, social security numbers, or any other confidential information, visit our booth to learn how you can easily and securely exchange this data right from your existing workflows – while leveraging our military-grade encryption and zero-trust design. We will be showcasing how our solutions, such as our secure message center, use our APIs, no-code web component, and other connectors to integrate into enterprise systems, including:

  • CRM and contact center systems (Genesys and Salesforce)
  • Employee and client-facing mobile apps and portals
  • Email clients (Microsoft Outlook and Gmail)
  • Identity providers (Okta, Microsoft, and Azure AD)
  • Other enterprise applications and workflows (Microsoft Teams, Power Automate)

We can’t wait to meet you at Enterprise Connect! Make sure to visit us at Booth 1643 or schedule a meeting ahead of time to chat with one of our team members. Finally, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up with us at the event. See you in Orlando! 😎

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Unwrapping the Year’s Top Moments 1024 404 Janelle Phalon

Unwrapping the Year’s Top Moments

As 2022 wraps up, Team DataMotion is reflecting on another incredible year. From launching new products and services, to expanding our customer base and team – 2022 has been a year of innovation and growth. Looking back on the past 12 months, we’re grateful for our amazing customers, talented team, and all of those who’ve supported us along the way. Join us as we unwrap the year’s top moments and look ahead to what’s in store for the future.

2022's Top Moments

1. We introduced our No-Code Experience, which is designed for simplicity and timely deployment. DataMotion CEO Bob Janacek reflects on the reasons why the engineering team was motivated to develop a no-code solution:

“…in looking at market conditions, it is obvious that the impact of the ‘Great Resignation’ has stretched our customers’ development resources too thin. The team at DataMotion stepped back…and concluded that our best approach was to develop the No-Code Experience. This experience brings the solution to market quickly, and results in compliance wins immediately” (DataMotion Launches No-Code Experience for Simple Secure Data Exchange).

Learn more about no-code development, its benefits, and use cases through our eBook, No-Code Development: Unlocking Your Digital Potential.

2. We hosted our first hackathon to promote teamwork and challenge participants to develop innovative solutions using the DataMotion Platform – the successful event helped to drive ideas for some of our next generation features! The fun continued post hackathon as participants teamed up to beat Morristown’s Trapdoor Escape Room. We look forward to another great hackathon in 2023.

3. We traveled to the Civitas Networks for Health Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Team DataMotion networked with colleagues to discuss the value DataMotion brings to public health agencies and others across the healthcare ecosystem. Sales team member Doug Rubino said,

“DataMotion has led the industry in secure and compliant exchange for over 20 years. Our secure message center enables the frictionless, secure, and compliant flow of sensitive information among disparate individuals and organizations. Within healthcare, we also operate as a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) where our platform serves as an on-ramp for the DirectTrust Network…The Civitas conference has always been a favorite of mine and this year’s event did not disappoint”.

4. We featured our secure message center in a video series. Subject matter expert Christian Grunkemeyer provides an overview of the secure message center and reviews a real-life use case of the product in action:

a. Part 1 – Introducing DataMotion’s Secure Message Center

b. Part 2 – Security, Compliance, and Ease of Use: Meet the Secure Message Center

5. We attended the National HIMSS Conference which joins together peers and experts to develop and learn from the relationship of health and technology. DataMotion’s Director of Sales Success said,

“DataMotion is at the forefront of helping health insurance payors communicate seamlessly and securely with their members through secure, natural, familiar ways of communication. Digital communications via chat, email, and document sharing applications have become rapidly normalized, and will continue to expand in the coming years”.

Looking Ahead to 2023

As we look forward to 2023, Team DataMotion is thankful for the successes of the past year and the support of our customers and team. 2022 was incredible, and we’re excited to continue building on these successes in the next year. Customers can expect:

  1. Next Generation Secure Forms: No-code builders to easily develop, publish, and distribute secure forms. The secure forms allow for an unauthenticated response, providing bi-directional communication over any channel.
  2. DataMotion Integration Gateway: Create connections to the enterprise systems our customers use daily – providing seamless secure communication.
  3. Workflow Builder: Provides enterprises with the ability to route and map content, and pre and post process content for their unique workflows.
  4. Secure File Sharing and Collaboration: Securely exchange and collaborate on one or more files with internal or external organizations.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: A data warehouse to provide users with reports and dashboards with tracking and key metrics surrounding their secure content exchange.

Before you wrap up the year, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. In addition, subscribe to our monthly newsletter for industry insights, thought leadership, and DataMotion updates.

Here’s to an even brighter future!

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From the Classroom to Coding: Meet Janelle Phalon, DataMotion Developer Advocate 1024 417 Team DataMotion

From the Classroom to Coding: Meet Janelle Phalon, DataMotion Developer Advocate

DataMotion is pleased to introduce our new Developer Advocate, Janelle Phalon. Janelle recently switched careers, coming to DataMotion from the education field. In this interview, Janelle shared a little about herself and her background, her new role, switching careers, and why she is excited to be part of Team DataMotion.

Team DataMotion: Janelle, thanks for your time, and welcome to the team! It’s great to have you here. Tell us a little about your background and how you come to DataMotion.

Janelle Phalon: I want to start by thanking the DataMotion team for the warm welcome. I am excited to be here and happy to shed some light on my role as Developer Advocate. I have a dual degree in Secondary Education and English Literature from William Paterson University, and decided to pursue a career as a teacher. My students’ innate ability to learn inspired me to pick up new skills, which helped me discover my passion for coding. I enrolled in Columbia Engineering’s Coding Bootcamp and completed the course while teaching, earning the title of Full-Stack Developer. This led me to DataMotion as the company’s Developer Advocate.

DM: One interesting aspect of your story is that you came to DataMotion as the result of a career switch. What drew you to the tech industry?

JP: When the pandemic struck, the education field as a whole was forced to adopt new norms. The traditional task of delivering classroom instruction became complex as both teachers and students adjusted to remote learning. This digital transition highlighted the lack of resources available to create engaging lessons, and the scarcity of online teaching tools sparked a new level of creativity within me. I began to compile innovative, simple solutions to everyday challenges – and was driven to develop the programming skills necessary to bring my ideas to life. This pushed me to enroll in Bootcamp, which significantly altered the trajectory of my career.

Starting fresh in a new field isn’t easy, but neither is passing up the opportunity to join an amazing team like DataMotion. The staff works together to create a climate that promotes growth, curiosity, and teamwork – the ideal environment for someone looking to further develop and strengthen their skills.

DM: The role of Developer Advocate is emerging across the industry—could you tell us a little about what a Developer Advocate does?

JP: Although the role does not have a clear definition across companies, all interpretations share the same idea – to empower and support a developer community. We help to bridge the gap between an organization’s internal teams and developers, providing both with helpful feedback to improve their practice. Additionally, an advocate will:

  • Continuously educate themselves on popular technologies across the developer community
  • Create technical, dev-focused content to aid success with their company’s software
  • Engage with developers on Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, etc., building rapport and providing support as needed

DM: What elements of this role are you most excited about and what do you hope to accomplish?

JP: Teaching and being a Developer Advocate share many similarities, including educating and fostering discussion within a community. I am most excited to continue practicing these skills at DataMotion. My goal as our Developer Advocate is to create high-quality, tech-focused content that supports developers using our APIs. I plan to educate my audience on the DataMotion platform, highlighting the versatility and simplicity of our technologies.

DM: When you meet with a development team, how do you describe what it is we do here at DataMotion, and how our solutions benefit dev teams?

JP: I start by briefly explaining the functionality of our platform – DataMotion APIs and pre-built solutions enable the compliant, secure, bi-directional exchange of data between an organization and their customers and patients, as well as their internal teams. While security is important, I also speak to the ease of use our platform offers, which is a true differentiator from other solutions on the market.

I make sure to speak a bit more about our security, which includes not only military-grade encryption and a governed database, but an overall zero-trust security approach. In short, the DataMotion platform makes implementing and maintaining secure exchange capabilities easy for dev teams.

DM: You just made a great point about differentiators. There are many secure messaging, document, and email exchange solutions on the market. In fact, we’re often called in to simplify the processes involved in those secure send workflows. What are the differentiators that set DataMotion’s services apart from other vendors?

JP: Aside from the ease of use for enterprise staff and their customers, I would say the flexibility and scalability our platform provides are the major differentiators. We meet our customers where they need secure exchange, and make implementation as simple and straightforward as possible, easily integrating into existing workflows. And today’s requirements might not quite align with where an enterprise is tomorrow. This is where DataMotion’s scalability comes in, easily allowing enterprises to meet their future needs, whether it is increasing secure message exchanges or solving additional use cases. The DataMotion team and its customers share a common goal, which sets us apart from other vendors – to easily, and effectively improve the user experience.

DM: Tell us about an interesting project you have worked on.

JP: In Bootcamp I collaborated with classmates to build a full-stack application that helped connect “inventors” and developers. The communication platform targeted two groups – users who have strong ideas but insufficient programming knowledge, and developers looking for work. “Inventors” can share ideas to a newsfeed that developers access in search of projects that fit their interests or skills. Some technologies we utilized include JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Handlebars, Bcrypt, and Postmark. Overall, the project was a success. What we lacked, however, was a secure message center for confidential, bidirectional communication between parties. Now that I have knowledge of DataMotion’s secure message center API, this sounds like something I should revisit!

DM: Tell us about your experience at DataMotion so far, and your favorite part of being on the team? (Besides the coffee and espresso machine, of course.)

JP: My overall experience has been phenomenal–the DataMotion team welcomed me with open arms. Both the staff and leadership team have been incredibly helpful and have eased my transition into tech. I’ve already gained new perspective from listening to the company-wide team of subject matter experts and industry leaders. Besides the beanbag chairs and M&M dispenser, my favorite part of joining the team is having the opportunity to learn every day. I am encouraged to ask questions, conduct research, and collaborate with teammates to help find success.

DM: Lastly, what is your advice for others who are looking to switch careers and jump into a new industry?

JP: For anyone considering a career change, reflect on the following quote by George Eliot, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” When I first began to digest the idea of switching fields, I was hesitant to leave the comforts of teaching. I had an established, successful career that provided stability in my life. However, the quote by Eliot helped to shift my mindset and just go for it!

DM: Janelle, thanks for your time. And again, welcome to Team DataMotion!

JP: No problem. I appreciate you taking time to speak with me! If any readers are still curious about Developer Advocacy, feel free to reach out via Twitter (@dev_janelle) or LinkedIn to continue the conversation!