Blog Aggregating Awareness: Your Cybersecurity Month Arsenal

Aggregating Awareness: Your Cybersecurity Month Arsenal

Aggregating Awareness: Your Cybersecurity Month Arsenal


While October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, organizations should take care every day of every month to ensure that their data is protected while in use, at rest, and in motion. In today’s entry to the DataMotion Blog, we’re creating a cybersecurity toolkit for you with blog posts, whitepapers, and other resources for you to use year-round, as well as a quick summary of how DataMotion keeps your data secure while helping your organization enable compliance.

Suiting Up for Battle

Below are a few entries to the DataMotion blog that will help inform your security outlook and arm your team in the battle against internal and external security threats. This section will include a guide to the zero-trust security model, a series outlining where vulnerabilities may lie within your organization, and a look at the troubling rise of Ransomware as a Service.

DataMotion: A Zero Trust Model You Can Trust “Your organization has trusted but verified, perhaps verified then trusted. But is the ‘trust but verify’ standard enough? Are you really operating as safely as you could, or rather, should be in today’s cyber climate?” In this post to the DataMotion Blog, DataMotion CEO Bob Janacek dives into the zero-trust security model, why you should adopt it, and how this helps our customers stay secure.

Danger for Data “In the first part of this blog series, we will cover the top five risk-prone areas that developers and software engineers should be aware of. In parts two and three, we’ll focus on some of the people-oriented processes putting you at risk of a breach, following up with some actionable tips and recommendations for organizations to protect themselves and their customers’ data.” In this series, DataMotion CEO Bob Janacek explored where vulnerabilities may lie within your organization, and steps you can take today to protect your organization and your data.

Rise of RaaS “Cybercrime groups will do their diligence to identify corporations with ransom insurance, or finances earmarked specifically for that purpose. While larger enterprises are currently the favorite for cyberattacks, smaller organizations also fall victim.” In this three-part series to the DataMotion Blog, DataMotion Developer Advocate Heather Post offers an overview of Ransomware as a Service, how this growing industry can turn your vendors into risk factors, the costs of a cyberattack, and what you can do about it.

A Fully-Armored, Secure Digital Future

To sum up, the digital landscape is changing rapidly.  New opportunities for digital business also present new opportunities for internal and external security threats. Therefore, it is critical that your security practices and protocols keep in-step with these changes. But armoring your systems for security and compliance should not hinder a smooth customer experience, nor should these factors interfere with your organization’s workflows.

Here at DataMotion, we are delivering a secure digital future. We offer a large, flexible platform of services that can adapt to your organization’s needs both today and in the future. Whether you need a full suite of APIs for integrating a secure message center, or a standalone secure email service, our solutions can easily integrate into your existing workflows without disruption. Our integrations include a wide range of APIs, connectors, and protocols, making it possible to securely exchange data from virtually any source, such as a secure website form, and having it reach any delivery endpoint.

Here is a glimpse of what your enterprise can expect with DataMotion’s secure exchange services:

  • Ease of Use DataMotion’s solutions easily integrate into your enterprise’s existing workflows and customer interface. Your customers will have a seamless experience within your website’s portal while your team continues to conduct business as usual without interruption or re-training.
  • Maximum Security Our solutions live on a zero-trust, secure governed database, and use military-grade encryption. We also offer monitoring, support and escalation with our US-based team.
  • Flexible Options We offer a number of services that are flexible and scalable to your enterprise’s current and future needs and requirements.
  • Third-Party Certifications DirectTrust/EHNAC Registration Authority, Certificate Authority, Health Information Service Provider, ONC-HIT 2015 Edition Health IT Modular Certification, and Microsoft Azure SOC2, and FedRAMP certified data center. Secure mailbox and Direct are in the process of HITRUST

We invite you to learn more about DataMotion, and how our services can complete your cybersecurity arsenal, by visiting us at, or reaching out to our team of experts.

*Verifiable Compliance: we help our customers achieve compliance with these regulations.

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