Seeking to Increase Customer Retention? You Need Seamless Communication

Seeking to Increase Customer Retention? You Need Seamless Communication

Seeking to Increase Customer Retention? You Need Seamless Communication 600 252 Team DataMotion

In last month’s blog, I talked about how companies are looking to improve their digital strategy and better engage with their consumers.  Much of this was centered around the idea of incorporating a digital strategy when it comes to how your company communicates and interacts with your “customer.”  At the same time, improving that digital strategy also needs to look at how you work with and communicate with your partners and other various stakeholders.

As an example, DataMotion works with a variety of companies that provide patient hub services.  As a first step, these companies wanted to incorporate a secure channel for email communication with their customers.  The ability to integrate secure communication into their CRM system, whether it was Salesforce or another CRM solution, was critical as it allowed their employees to simplify their process and ensure that all communication was kept in one place, making them more efficient and customers happier.

Why the need for a great customer experience?

This is important for a variety of reasons.  Consumers today are time stressed just like we all are – they do not want to repeat or re-enter information that has already been shared.  Providing consumers with this seamless and personalized level of service is critical to an exceptional customer experience.

At the same time, consumers have also become accustomed to instant or “near instant” gratification, often referred to as the Amazon effect.  Today’s consumers expect a high level of customer service and want the ability to get their questions answered immediately and be able to access other information easily when necessary.  According to a recent study by Salesforce, 82% of consumers would switch providers as a result of a bad experience. Thus, if you are not providing a high level of service, someone else will and ultimately your customer will find another provider that makes their life easier.  Bottom line – a great customer experience = better customer retention.

Even companies that have not traditionally interacted with consumers directly, such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, are beginning to develop and foster direct consumer relationships.  Because of this, these businesses must rethink their customer support strategies and how they wish to engage with their consumers as well.

The below chart is just one example of what today’s consumers are looking for from a pharmaceutical company:

Graph of consumers who say it's important for pharmaceutical companies to do the following

*Source: “State of the Connected Customer”, Salesforce Research, June 2019

Seamless communication is a requirement

Seamless communication is critical to great customer experience. Business partners and stakeholders must work together to make it a reality.  For patient hub services, this might mean that instead of providers faxing over clinical care notes or other clinical data that would come from the EHR, this information might now be integrated into the workflow by using Direct or some other connection to the EHR.

A great customer experience is not the only benefit of this kind of seamless communication. The ability to bring clinical data into the workstream in a more automated manner will not only improve the experience but will lower costs and lessens the potential for manual data entry errors.

Bottom line is, take care of your customers and the experience they have with you and watch your customer retention rise while lowering costs.


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