Postman Demo Videos – Secure Message Center API

Postman Demo Videos – Secure Message Center API

Postman Demo Videos – Secure Message Center API 600 237 Team DataMotion

The DataMotion Secure Message Center API is used to integrate secure messaging, email and document exchange into self-service portals – like online banking portals, insurance member services portals, brokerage and other wealth management portals – etc. I call it the ‘what’s in your wallet’ experience – since most of the financial and insurance companies we do business with provide these self-service portals (and apps). They are great for getting account information and conducting transactions (like paying bills or buying stocks). They are also good for finding an in-network healthcare specialist or checking if an insurance claim is covered.

Sometimes though, these portals fail the customers they serve. When portals are ‘not good enough’ on the self-service options for exchanging sensitive information – an integrated secure message center (SMC) is a great resource to ask questions, share documentation (or request documentation) – in essence get support from the client/member services team via a webmail-like exchange. Not all portals have a secure message center, and some are functionally limited. By building with our APIs and using our cloud-based secure data exchange services – these portals can add a great communication resource quickly and enable complete compliance with data privacy and governance regulations such as GLBA and HIPAA.

Invariably, when we discuss ‘SMC’ projects with customers – they want to see how the APIs work. So, we turn to one of our developers and they walk through API use with a tool called ‘Postman’ (which must be pretty interesting itself based on the number of Google searches it gets…!). Postman enables an SMC API demonstration that always seems to get the developers in the room ‘on-board’ with the project – so we thought it would be helpful to record a couple simple Postman demos to share that experience with you.

If you’d like to follow along, you can view our Postman Collection on GitHub and sign up for a free trial in our self-service portal.

Here’s Chris Ly, one of our software developers demonstrating our ‘send message’ API. (Make sure your player is full screen and in HD mode!)

And here’s Chris again showing how message and document folders can be customed / added / deleted.

If you are a portal developer for a financial services or insurance company – we hope this taste of SMC programmability is helpful in understanding what you can build with our Secure Message Center APIs. Of course there is a lot more functionality – and all of the Secure Message Center APIs are well documented with sample code, SDKs – and there’s a free trial too.

Contact us if we can answer any questions or to discuss your project ideas. We’ll put you through to Chris!