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employee COVID-19 vaccine status.
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A One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Employee Vaccine Verification

VxRM is a web-based, mobile-friendly application that allows employers to easily and securely collect and store employee COVID-19 vaccination status and test results. The VxRM DataMotion platform provides ironclad security via a zero-trust design and compliance-grade encryption (FIPS 140-2).


Cost-Effective Solution

The first five users are free. After that it’s $1 per user per year, with a minimum of 50 seats. Additional purchases are available in volumes of 50. For enterprise orders of over 1,000 users, please contact sales.

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VxRM: Simple. Secure. Intuitive.

Organizations of every size and across industries benefit from the VxRM platform and its simple, secure and intuitive design.

The user-friendly, web-based app does not require login or registration for employees

Employees quickly and securely upload COVID-19 vaccination status or test results

Compliance-grade encryption protects your data while in transit and in storage

Helps enable compliance with federal, state, and local mandates, as well as HIPAA and ADA regulations


Use VxRM for COVID-19 Vaccine Records and Test Results

VxRM is available as an easily accessible, user-friendly, mobile-responsive web app, or as an embedded widget, with no login or registration required. Data is encrypted and sent securely, helping keep your organization compliant with government and industry data privacy regulations. Learn more about how VxRM works by downloading the Employee and Admin Guides.

Computer monitor showing the VxRM administrator dashboard
View of reporting metrics month by month

Quickly Report on Vaccine Submissions

With the VxRM platform, easily search and sort through vaccine submissions. The filtered results can then be downloaded as a CSV and passed along to meet compliance regulations.

  • All Employees
  • Meets Requirements
    • Fully Vaccinated
    • Submitting Test Results
  • Requires Review
    • Partially Vaccinated
    • Submitting Test Results
    • Declined to Answer
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

How It Works.

VxRM is simple to use for both admins and employees, requiring minimal time and effort. Below is a quick, step-by-step overview of the process:


Admin enters employee contact information. This can be uploaded or entered manually.


The employee receives an email invite with a link to the site.


Employees log their COVID-19 vaccine records, test results or exemption requests on a simple-to-use, co-branded form. Once sent, the information is stored in a secure repository.


Admins can easily sort and review employee responses. From this information, admins can quickly and efficiently follow up per organization protocol.