Maximum Data Security
Zero Trust Design

A governed database core

DataMotion services leverage a hub and spoke platform featuring a ‘zero-trust design’. The hub is the storage layer – a governed database where the data itself is retained encrypted using AES 256. No centralized key management, no superuser password to open up data. Everything is accessible as only the source or destination – only the sender or one of the recipients can access a specified message or file.

Secure spokes connect any application or endpoint

A variety of secure connectors and APIs provide the platform spokes that let data in and out. Any spoke can be used to receive or send the data – enabling virtually any type of endpoint to participate in the exchange, regardless of source connector.

encrypted data shards

The zero-trust design is accomplished by a ‘sharded’ data process. Each data file is broken into separate pieces, each with its own unique encryption key and hash when it is stored.

When a message or a file is retrieved, the system automatically retrieves the keys, reassembles the data shards, and presents the assembled, decrypted file to the owner (authenticated sender or recipient) on the fly.

Trusted by global security leaders

The DataMotion zero-trust design has been vetted and analyzed by federal and state governments, fortune 100 finance, insurance and healthcare companies, and always passes muster with flying colors. DataMotion provides professional services for detailed security reviews as needed.