The DataMotion September Hot List

The DataMotion September Hot List

The DataMotion September Hot List 736 313 Team DataMotion

Welcome to another edition of the DataMotion Hot List! Our monthly hot lists give you a quick recap of the month’s content, updates, news, and more. September was a busy month for the DataMotion Blog, where we published the third and final installment of our Rise of RaaS series, offered tips on becoming a Postman guru, and shared five things to consider before building software in-house.

We were also pleased to attend the InsureTech Connect conference this week in Las Vegas! Team DataMotion was represented by Christian Grunkemeyer, who shared his thoughts on returning to trade shows, and insights on some of DataMotion’s secure exchange projects for insurance and financial services organizations. Whether you attended the event and missed connecting with Christian, or would simply like to learn more about how DataMotion’s secure exchange solutions can benefit your organization, we’d love to speak—please contact us to set up a quick chat.

What You May Have Missed in September

The Rise of RaaS: The Real Cost of a Ransomware Attack “Understanding how companies recover from a breach, as well as the obstacles they often face in the wake of an attack, can help with financial planning and crafting a security strategy… In this installment, I will go over the financial cost, the required manpower, and reputation damage that is often the residue of ransomware.” In this entry to the DataMotion Blog, Developer Advocate Heather Post explored the real costs of a ransomware attack. In case you missed them, we’ve included the first two installments of the series below:

The Rise of Ransomware as a Service

Consolidating the Vendor Risk Factor

5 Things to Consider Before Developing Software In-house To build or to outsource? That is the question facing many organizations when it comes to developing software solutions. In this post to the DataMotion Blog, we explore five points of consideration when mulling the decision over whether to build in-house.

4 Tips for Becoming a Postman Guru “Through extensive use and some research, my colleagues and I have found there are many tips and tricks to using Postman, which I think you’ll find extremely helpful while testing APIs and building your collections.” In case you missed our Postman #tiptuesday series on social media, Heather Post has rounded up the first four tips into a handy blog post.

The DataMotion August Hot List In case you missed it in August, the DataMotion Blog featured the final installment of the Danger for Data series, kicked off the Rise of Ransomware series, offered a checklist of what to look for when choosing an API vendor, and shared a glimpse into HIMSS ‘21.

News From ‘Round the Web

We’re kicking off Cybersecurity Month with a roundup of news stories to help inform you and your strategy. This month’s news aggregate includes an article on supply chain risk, how working from home is creating new business for cybersecurity, and why officials say that ransomware is here to stay.

From the Hill (MSN): Supply chain risk matters when it comes to cybersecurity for next-gen 911

From Bloomberg: Home Working Is Creating Dangers, New Business for Cybersecurity

Healthcare Info Security: Top US Cyber Officials Say Ransomware Is Here to Stay

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