Data breaches cost healthcare organizations an average of $7.13 million* in 2021

With the cost of a data breach high and the threat even higher, protecting personal health information (PHI) while in motion is critical for those in the healthcare ecosystem.

A long, winding,
twisting journey.

That’s the route your data takes when traveling from one endpoint to another, with many opportunities for a hacker to snatch your data and exploit it.

In short, data is most vulnerable while in motion. So, efforts need to be taken to secure confidential, personal health information (PHI) while in this state. Else, your organization might end up in the latest list of healthcare organizations having suffered a data breach.

Before getting started,
consider a few things:

How is data currently transferred across your clinical workflows?

Who has access to the data sent vs. who should have access to it?

Where can a user initiate, view, and reply to secure communications? Is the process intuitive?

In the end, the best way to protect your data is to secure it via a modern, easy-to-use end-to-end encryption solution that integrates naturally with your clinical systems and workflows.

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