Overheard at Civitas 2022: Snippets from San Antonio

Overheard at Civitas 2022: Snippets from San Antonio

Overheard at Civitas 2022: Snippets from San Antonio 1024 404 Sarah Parks

Team DataMotion was excited to attend the Civitas Networks for Health, 2022 Annual Conference, a Collaboration with the DirectTrust Summit in beautiful San Antonio! We spent time exploring the exhibit hall, attending sessions, and speaking with others across the healthcare industry about clinical data exchange. Overall, it was an incredibly informative and enjoyable event and it was great to learn more about the future of interoperability and the healthcare IT space.

The major topic of our team’s discussions centered on secure communications between internal and external stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. Throughout these conversations, we recognized a single question shared amongst industry colleagues: how can organizations work together to simplify the secure exchange of clinical data so it can be better, and more-meaningfully, leveraged?

As the leading provider of secure exchange for over 20 years, with over 10 of those years providing Direct Secure Messaging, we found ourselves right at home during these conversations. Protecting health data is incredibly important; ensuring that data can be easily accessed and used for things like patient care and public health reporting is equally important. This intersection of data security, regulatory compliance, and ease of use is precisely what we do, so it was both exciting and informative for us to hear these challenges and discover additional ways that our solutions can help enable interoperability.

In today’s entry to the DataMotion Blog, we’re sharing some of our top conference “overheards” that include snippets from conversations, sessions, and other event discussions around public health, interoperability, and more.

On Public Health…

“In the past, public health was very reactionary. We need to determine what else needs to be done so we don’t have to wait for bad things to make a difference.” 

“How do we assess and analyze the use of public health data?” 

“Ultimately, we’re talking about how we help an individual member to get what they need.”

“My dream is that I can pull up the Department of Health (DoH) website and see case rates for any virus in my county or district.”

Our VP of Sales at the Civitas Networks for Health and DirectTrust Conference

Team DataMotion representing at Booth 53!

On Interoperability…

“Community-centered, multi-stakeholder collaboration and governance is really difficult and really important… especially when talking about health data and communities.”

“Data, interoperability, and community are key to health equity.”

“It takes a crisis to see what you do and don’t have… there is a lot of opportunity to advance and connect systems.”

“We need to prepare systems so that they are connected and ready before an emergency comes.”

The view from Booth 53 at the conference

The view from our table of the exhibit hall. I spy the coffee table 👀

On Innovation…

“As new regulations are brought about, we respond with policies of our own… create new standards… and above all, innovate.”

“If you are a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) and you don’t have an understanding of what motivates regional health data collaboratives or Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)… get involved and find out what they need.”

“If you are an HIE, and you haven’t talked to a HISP lately, you probably don’t know what they have been doing and how much they have been innovating…”

Miscellaneous Chatter

On Clinical Data Exchange: “They don’t care what it’s made out of, it just needs to work quickly and with as few steps as possible.”

On Laws and Regulations: “Talk TEFCA to me.”

On Resources: “[Hospital’s] IT department is one guy. He’s in on Thursday. I’m serious.”

Jim Hyde and Christian Grunkemeyer talk takeaways during the “DataMotion Zone” video. Check it out here.

Whether you attended the Civitas Networks for Health and DirectTrust conference or not, we hope you enjoyed these overheards and gained a little insight into the overall conversation at the event. If you’re interested in learning more about how DataMotion’s APIs and pre-built solutions simplify clinical data exchange, set up some time to chat with a member of our team using one of the links below:

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