The DataMotion October Hot List

The DataMotion October Hot List

The DataMotion October Hot List 1024 435 Team DataMotion

Greetings, readers, and Happy November! As always, we hope that this blog post meets you in the midst of a positive and productive week.

As you may know, October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month. But as a company with over 20 years of experience in secure exchange, we at DataMotion believe that every month should be cybersecurity awareness month. In this vein, we put together a toolkit to help your organization stay secure year-round. We also published takeaways from InsureTech Connect 2021, and a round-up of the second half of our Postman tips and tricks series we shared on social media. Our next series of tips focuses on GitHub, and we think you’ll find this series helpful! You can find the series by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into October in the DataMotion Blog.

What You Missed in October

Ensuring Secure and Compliant Exchange for Insurance: ITC 2021 “Suffice it to say, there are ample opportunities for technological innovation in the insurance space for companies to help brokers and advisers better, and more securely, communicate with their policy holders.” In this post to the DataMotion Blog, DataMotion Director of Sales Success Christian Grunkemeyer shared his takeaways from ITC Vegas 2021 and the possibilities in store for the insurance vertical. (Note: Whether you attended this event and missed Christian, or would just like to discuss how DataMotion’s secure exchange solutions can benefit your organization, please reach out to our team of experts, who will be happy to set up an introductory call.)

4 More Tips for Your Journey to Becoming a Postman API Testing Guru “…just like sharks can never stop swimming, developers can never stop learning. When I come across some new tips on how to better use some of my favorite (and arguably, most important) tools, I jump at the chance to learn. And that’s why I want to share some amazing Postman tips for API testing.” A series so nice we rounded it up twice—in this blog entry, DataMotion Developer Advocate Heather Post shared the second half of our Postman tips and tricks series. (In case you missed it, check out part one.)

Aggregating Awareness: Your Cybersecurity Month Arsenal “…the digital landscape is changing rapidly.  New opportunities for digital business also present new opportunities for internal and external security threats…But armoring your systems for security and compliance should not hinder a smooth customer experience, nor should these factors interfere with your organization’s workflows.” DataMotion Content Manager Andrea Meyer and Content and Digital Marketing Specialist Sarah Parks have compiled a number of DataMotion Blog posts and other reference materials to help you keep your data secure year-round.

The DataMotion September Hot List In case you missed it in September, the DataMotion Blog played host to the first half of the Postman tips and tricks series, a list of five things to consider before developing software in-house, and more.

From ‘Round the Web

As we have over the past several months, we will once again present cybersecurity news and insights from around the web, including an article from Forbes as to why cybersecurity awareness must extend beyond the official month (we couldn’t agree more). We’re also sharing an article that explores why so many enterprises are not effectively managing cyber risks and resilience, and a list of what you need to know about keeping your data secure going into 2022.

From Forbes: Cybersecurity Awareness Must Extend Beyond The “Month”

From SiliconANGLE: Study Finds Over Half of Enterprises Are Not Effectively Stopping Cyberattacks

From Security Intelligence: What You Need to Know About Data Security Heading into 2022

This month and next, we’re looking forward to sharing news about new DataMotion products, more tips and tricks for using Postman, and some of this year’s editor’s picks. And as a quick note, like so many of our American readers, the DataMotion Blog will take a break the week of November 22nd to observe the Thanksgiving holiday.

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That is about all for now. Thanks for a great October, and we look forward to seeing you in November!