The DataMotion November Hot List

The DataMotion November Hot List

The DataMotion November Hot List 736 312 Team DataMotion

Greetings, readers, and happy December! We hope that you have had a great start to the holiday season. In this month’s DataMotion Hot List, we’re going to cover posts to the DataMotion Blog during the month of November, which included an interview with a DataMotion Postman expert, and tips for using GitHub. We also shared an up-close-and-personal look at DataMotion’s secure message center—how it works, and how you can benefit from this solution.

And now, without further ado, we present the DataMotion November Hot List.

What You Should Have Been Reading

Flexibility, Ease, Security and Compliance: Meet DataMotion’s Secure Message Center “Unlike regular email, the sensitive data you are exchanging with your client is kept fully secure during transit, and the messages are stored just as securely…Also unlike regular email, this process integrates with your methods of customer communication, such as web and mobile applications and customer portals, delivering messages and documents just as quickly and securely.” The ability to securely send and store messages as part of an existing customer-facing workflow not only helps provide an outstanding customer experience, but can also help keep your organization within regulatory compliance. In this entry to the DataMotion Blog, DataMotion Director of Sales Success Christian Grunkemeyer shares a look at our secure message center, and how it can benefit your enterprise.

Meet Kevin Miller, DataMotion’s Postman Guru “The first tip I would recommend is utilizing variables. If you have to utilize the same information in multiple API calls, you can replace this information with a variable and define the value of that variable for an entire collection of calls.” As part of our Postman tips and tricks series, DataMotion Developer Advocate Heather Post interviewed Kevin Miller, DataMotion Security Specialist and resident Postman guru. In this interview, Kevin shared how he uses Postman, why it is helpful, and his tips on making the most of this tool.

Get Resourceful with GitHub: Four Tips for the Skilled Developer “Have you ever been asked to share your GitHub profile at a job interview, or when meeting other developers at a conference? With GitHub’s growing popularity, it’s now just as common for employers to request a GitHub profile as they would a LinkedIn profile. However, as great as the code hosting tool is for showboating talents, it does so much more.” In this entry to the DataMotion Blog, Heather Post provides a roundup of the first half of our GitHub tips and tricks series.

The October Hot List In case you missed it in October, we published a cybersecurity toolkit, takeaways from InsureTech Connect 2021, and part two of our Postman tips and tricks series.

News and Opinions from ‘Round the Web

As part of the monthly Hot List, we’re including a few cybersecurity-related news articles and opinions from around the web, including a look at new rules for rail transit, a cybersecurity incident notification law in Wisconsin, and an opinion piece on why cybersecurity pros need a seat at the table.

From CBS News: U.S. Imposes First Cybersecurity Rules for Rail Transit, Despite Industry Pushback

From Public: Wisconsin Enacts Insurance Data Security Law Requiring Notification of Cybersecurity Incidents to Insurance Commissioner Within Three Business Days

From Infosecurity Magazine: Cybersecurity Pros Need a Seat at the Table

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Finally, with the holidays upon us, the DataMotion Blog will have a hiatus the last week of December and the first week of January.  As we close out 2021 and gear up for 2022, we’ll revisit some of the hottest topics from the year, and we invite you to join us as we look back on this year’s thought leadership. We also invite you to learn more about DataMotion’s secure exchange solutions by visiting our website or contacting our team of experts.

We look forward to seeing you in December!