HITRUST CSF® Certification, HIMSS 2022, and More: DataMotion’s March Hot List

HITRUST CSF® Certification, HIMSS 2022, and More: DataMotion’s March Hot List

HITRUST CSF® Certification, HIMSS 2022, and More: DataMotion’s March Hot List 731 312 Team DataMotion

Greetings, readers, and Happy Spring!

March was a busy month on the DataMotion Blog! First, in case you missed it, DataMotion secure mail and Direct Secure Messaging solutions were recently HITRUST Certified. This recognition supports DataMotion’s diligent approach to risk mitigation through security and compliance. In addition to our press release, we took a deeper dive into the HITRUST Certification and why it matters. We also concluded our Microsoft Visual Studio Code Hot Tips and Tricks series on social media, where our dev team shared some of their tips and tricks for using the platform. We’ve curated that series into a single blog post for easy reference.

A few of our team members broke out their sunglasses, sunscreen and mouse ears and traveled to Orlando in March for HIMSS22! In the lead-up to the conference, Doug Rubino and Christian Grunkemeyer shared a few thoughts on this year’s event, hot topics in healthcare interoperability, and what they looked forward to learning more about. We’re eager to share their takeaways from HIMSS in the coming weeks. The discussion around secure exchange in the healthcare ecosystem continues. We invite you to reach out to Doug or Christian to set up a meeting and learn more about how DataMotion’s suite of APIs and other solutions can help your healthcare organization:

Learn More About DataMotion Secure Email and Direct Secure Messaging

Doug Rubino: https://meetings.hubspot.com/dougr

Christian Grunkemeyer: https://meetings.hubspot.com/christiang

And now, for your March Hot List.

What You Should Have Been Reading in the DataMotion Blog in March

Healthcare: A Digital Temperature Check from a First-Time HIMSS Attendee “The pandemic quickly accelerated digital transformation for organizations in all industries, particularly the healthcare ecosystem. COVID-19 highlighted the need for touchless, digital communications in healthcare, especially when dealing with PHI and medical records. This has ushered in a wave of process evaluation and change.”  In this post to the DataMotion Blog, Christian Grunkemeyer shared a few thoughts about attending his first HIMSS conference, the critical importance of the frictionless digitizing of healthcare records, and how DataMotion helped organizations achieve compliance with Meaningful Use Stage 2 by enabling the secure transport of clinical information over the open internet.

Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystems: Interoperability, Healthcare IT, and HIMSS 2022 “How can we improve upon the collection and aggregation of data from providers followed by the requisite analysis and reporting to be followed by the dissemination of actionable data back to the healthcare system and communities?” In Doug Rubino’s latest contribution to the DataMotion Blog, he discusses some of the challenges and opportunities around interoperability between the general and public healthcare ecosystems.

HITRUST CSF® Certification: What Is It and Why Does It Matter? “Your inbox (or LinkedIn feed, perhaps) is inundated by organizations that claim to help you keep your data safe. But you need more than claims to know if you can trust their products. One very easy and effective way to establish a trust baseline is to look for HITRUST certification on the product or solution.” You may have read our announcement last month that DataMotion’s secure mail and Direct Secure Messaging solutions are now HITRUST Certified. But what, exactly, does that mean? In this blog entry by Alex Mushkin, you’ll learn more about HITRUST Certification, the requirements involved, and why this is a label that matters.

Microsoft VS Code – Tips and Tricks Roundup “VSCode has over 14 million users worldwide and counting. According to ZDNet.com, that’s about 58% of all developers, including the developers here at DataMotion! Since VSCode is a widely used, free, and very proficient IDE, the dev team has put some tips and tricks together to help you better use the platform.” DataMotion’s dev team recently started sharing some of their tried-and-true hot tips and tricks for testing APIs on various platforms. In the latest Tip Tuesday Hot Tips and Tricks Series, the team focused on Microsoft Visual Studio Code, and we’ve curated those recommendations into an easily-referenced blog post.

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We’re looking forward to sharing a number of items with you in April, including HIMSS takeaways and a deeper look at DataMotion’s secure message center. As always, we invite you to subscribe to the DataMotion Newsletter for industry thought leadership, insights, news, DataMotion updates, and more delivered to your inbox once a month. Finally, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for regular updates.

Thanks again for a great March. We look forward to seeing you in April!