The DataMotion Hot List

The DataMotion Hot List

The DataMotion Hot List 736 310 Team DataMotion

Greetings, readers! We hope that this inaugural “Hot List” round-up post finds you well and at the end of a productive week.

The DataMotion Blog has recently hosted a variety of thought leadership topics, including an in-depth look at the zero trust model (and how DataMotion’s own zero trust strategy keeps our customers’ data secure), a glimpse at the data breach risks lurking within your enterprise on both the IT and business sides, and some takeaways from June’s DirectTrust Summit. We’ve also included a few recommended reads from ‘round the web we think you’ll find to be of interest. (Some stories may require a subscription.)

We hope you find these items to be of interest! If you have questions about DataMotion and how we can help your enterprise, please visit us at

What You May Have Missed

Danger for Data, Part One: Five Back-End Breach Risk Factors Whether your enterprise will experience a data breach is a matter of when, not if. In this first installment of a three-part series, DataMotion CEO Bob Janacek offers insights on where risks lie within your IT infrastructure.

Danger for Data, Part Two: Seven Pain Points in Your Processes In the second installment of this three-part series, Bob Janacek continues the conversation and discusses where risks for a data breach live on the business side–specifically, concerning your enterprise’s people and processes.

DataMotion: A Zero Trust Model You Can Trust You’re likely familiar with the trust but verify strategy, but what about zero trust? In this entry to the DataMotion Blog, Bob Janacek speaks to the benefits of a zero trust strategy, and how we use zero trust to enhance our customers’ experience—and the integrity of their data in motion.

Directly Speaking: The 2021 DirectTrust™ Summit We were pleased to participate in the DirectTrust Summit, which took place June 9th and 10th. In this post, DataMotion’s Business Development Director, Doug Rubino, shared some of his event takeaways.

Reads from ‘Round the Web

Cybersecurity as a culture, schools as ransomware targets, and European privacy regulations are some hot topics we’ve rounded up for you:

From Forbes: Cybersecurity Is A Culture, Not A Product

From MSN: The Cybersecurity 202: Schools are another prime ransomware target (

From WSJ Pro: European Privacy Regulators Take Aim at Firms’ Cybersecurity Failures (

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