Office Reopening and Developer Resolutions: The DataMotion January Hot List

Office Reopening and Developer Resolutions: The DataMotion January Hot List

Office Reopening and Developer Resolutions: The DataMotion January Hot List 732 312 Andrea Meyer

January is a time for catching up on the post-holiday checklist—responding to emails, getting meetings back on the calendar, diving back into tasks and projects, etc. With everything going on, you may have missed the launch of DataMotion’s newest solution, VxRM. VxRM helps employers safely reopen their offices with the secure, efficient, and compliant collection and reporting of employee COVID-19 data. We spoke more to VxRM and its benefits and provided a user overview in the DataMotion Blog this past month. You can also learn more about VxRM here.

By leveraging our existing secure message delivery APIs, Team DataMotion was able to develop, test, and launch VxRM in a matter of weeks. We encourage you to learn more about how our APIs can help your organization quickly innovate—in addition to visiting our site, please feel free to reach out to our team of experts, who are happy to assist.

Time to catch up on what you may have missed in January in the DataMotion Blog!

What You Should Have Been Reading in January

Four New Year’s Resolutions to Become a Better Developer January isn’t just for the post-holiday catch up. The nascence of a new year is a prime time for setting goals and making resolutions—both personal and professional. But resolutions without an action plan are just dreams. In this post to the DataMotion Blog, Developer Advocate Heather Post shared four recommended resolutions for developers for 2022, and the steps to turn them into reality.

VxRM: Easily Collect and Report Employee COVID-19 Data Whether your organization is planning on a full office reopen, a hybrid model, or just bringing staff together for meetings or in-person events, you will want to ensure that your return-to-office strategy is executed safely. This means collecting and reporting on employee COVID-19 data. But collecting information such as this goes beyond sending an intern desk-to-desk—this data is protected by HIPAA, ADA, GDPR, and other regulations. In this entry to the DataMotion Blog, Heather Post shares an overview of the challenges around collecting and reporting this data, and how VxRM can help your HR staff do this quickly, easily, securely, and within regulatory compliance.

An In-Depth Look at the DataMotion VxRM Platform In the previous blog entry, we offered an introduction to VxRM, and its benefits to employers seeking to safely reopen their offices. In this follow-up entry, Heather Post continues the discussion around VxRM, sharing an overview of the user experience for both employees and admins, as well as a glimpse at the powerful admin dashboard capabilities.

Other Things You Should Have Been Reading

The DataMotion Blog published entries covering a number of topics in 2021, including the zero-trust strategy, the rise of Ransomware as a Service, the data breach risk factors lurking within your processes, and takeaways from conferences such as HIMSS and ITC Vegas 2021. We curated these and other items we thought you might find of interest and created two aggregates to wrap up 2021:

DataMotion 2021 Year-end Hot List: A Year of Collections

DataMotion 2021 Year-end Hot List, Part 2: Editor’s Picks

Coming in February

We’re going ahead full force in February with a number of new blog entries, including a few words of wisdom for our business folks to help you achieve new goals in 2022, and a closer look at the DataMotion secure message center. We’re also moving ahead with the next installment of our social media Tip Tuesday Hot Tips series, where Heather Post and our developer team share their tips and tricks for using API testing platforms. The next installment, featuring Microsoft Visual Code Studio, will launch soon and you can find it by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Thank you for a great January, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in February!