An In-Depth Look at the DataMotion VxRM Platform

An In-Depth Look at the DataMotion VxRM Platform

An In-Depth Look at the DataMotion VxRM Platform 736 312 Team DataMotion

Collecting COVID-19 information from employees, such as vaccine records or test results, is becoming a crucial step for a return to office. Whether your organization seeks to ensure mandate compliance or is simply working to guarantee a safe work environment, this data collection is necessary and can present a logistical challenge. However, as I covered in my last blog post, DataMotion’s VxRM platform makes gathering this information an easy task, allowing organizations to quickly, compliantly, and efficiently collect and report on employee vaccination records, test results, and exemption requests.

The VxRM platform consists of an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly employee application and administration dashboard. With an easy workflow, vaccine status collection is simple:

  1. Admins will first upload employee email addresses to an employee list. Once admins activate the VxRM application each employee on the list will receive an email containing a link to the employee app.
  2. Once these invites are received, employees will fill out a short form and submit their information. Responses are encrypted and sent over a secure channel, to a zero-trust, governed database where they will be stored.
  3. Then, in the administrator dashboard, admins can easily search and sort through these results to generate compliance reports, including statistics on who is vaccinated, who is testing and who is not currently compliant.

Now that you have a general idea of how the VxRM platform works, I’ll walk through each component in greater detail.

Note: You can find more information with our employee app and administration dashboard How to Guides as well.

The Employee-Facing App

Once the VxRM platform is enabled and employees have selected the link in their invitation email, they will be brought to the VxRM employee-facing application.

Within the employee application, users will see a cobranded form with three options to choose from:

  • Report a vaccine dose
  • Report a COVID test
  • Request an exemption
Screenshot of the DataMotion VxRM employee portal. Displays options to report a vaccine dose, report a COVID test, and request an exemption

Once employees select the action they wish to perform, they will be prompted to provide additional information based on their selection such as vaccination or test date, vaccine or test type, etc. Users will also be able to include a photo of their vaccine cards and test results, either via their device’s cameras or by uploading an existing photo.

Once the form is completed and submitted, this information is sent securely with military-grade encryption, helping your organization stay compliant with data privacy regulations. Users can then return to the page on an as-needed basis, whether to provide new weekly test results or to record additional vaccine doses and booster shots. It’s as easy as that!

As questions may arise from employees, the VxRM platform includes the ability for your company to provide a disclaimer or outline your privacy policy, within the admin dashboard. Employees will see a disclaimer and privacy policy button on the vertical menu to the left of the form and will be able to access this information right from the employee app.

DataMotion made this process quick, easy, and convenient to help ensure you receive results from your staff in a timely manner.

The Administrator Dashboard

The second component to VxRM is the administrator dashboard. This is where admins can configure the app, upload an employee list, send invites, and generate compliance reports. The dashboard can be easily found on the DataMotion site by navigating to

On the dashboard, you will find an overview of the VxRM application, as well as some FAQs. To sign up (and receive 5 free licenses to help you get started) simply select the orange “Begin” button in the top right corner and log in or create an account.

Screenshot of the DataMotion VxRM Platform's dashboard. Shows a brief overview of VxRM and where to begin using the tool.

Once logged in, the platform can be configured, meaning you can review your company settings, create and upload your employee lists, and finally, enable the app to make it live. Below, I’ll guide you through these steps.

Configuring the App and Setting Up Your Company

Company set up is an optional step but one I would recommend reviewing all the same. Here, the company name will be auto populated, but can be updated in the “Company Settings” tab. This is where admins can specify their disclaimer and privacy policy which we saw in the employee app description as well as change the logo, primary color and secondary color that will render on the employee app.

There is also the ability to establish a testing cycle period and grace period. The testing cycle will dictate how often you will require employees to be tested. The grace period is the number of days that may pass after a testing cycle before the employee is considered not compliant. Configuring these settings will ensure your policy is being implemented.

Screenshot of how to configure your VxRM app. Some of your configuration options include company cobranding, testing cycle length and grace period, and more.

Creating Employee Lists

In the “Employee Console” tab, admins can add their staff to the employee list, either one at a time or in bulk with a simple-to-use Excel template, which can be downloaded from the administrator dashboard. The listed employees will receive an email with a link that provides access to the VxRM employee application once the platform is enabled.

Note: There is an option to add employees and mark them as disabled. Doing so will prevent the employee from receiving a VxRM email until they are marked enabled.

Going Live

Once the set-up is complete and the employee list is configured, administrators can toggle the “Ready to go live” button at the top right of the page. Once this option is toggled on, enabled users will be sent an email invitation containing a link to the employee app. It’s as easy as turning on a switch!

To go live with VxRM, simply toggle on the "Ready to go live?" button in your admin dashboard.

Monitoring and Reporting

Once employees have submitted their vaccination status, administrators can quickly search and sort through the submitted results by a variety of criteria, including employees who:

  • Are fully or partially vaccinated
  • Are testing weekly within the testing cycle
  • Are testing weekly but failed to submit within the testing cycle
  • Have requested an exemption
  • Have not responded

If this information needs to be submitted elsewhere, a CSV can be downloaded from the admin dashboard as well.

Note: Once this information is downloaded, extra steps will need to be taken to ensure compliance regulations continue to be met, such as storing the file on a secure machine.

The VxRM admin dashboard includes reporting capabilities to determine who is fully vaccinated, who is testing, who is not compliant, and more.

With a few simple configuration steps, you can securely collect the vaccination status of your entire workforce.

Getting Started

Sounds easy enough, right? The DataMotion VxRM platform will be a breeze for employees to use and a critical time saver for employers. With security top of mind, data is safe from beginning to end.

To get started, navigate to our self-service portal at and either login or sign up. You will automatically get five free licenses for testing and can easily purchase additional licenses in the admin dashboard.

For further information, we invite you to review our Employee Guide for Using DataMotion VxRM and the Admin Guide to Configuring the VxRM Application which will provide a step-by-step guidance on successfully utilizing our platform. You can also check out our VxRM webpage and follow us on social media for platform updates!

If you have any additional questions, stop by our documentations page or contact our sales team today.