The Great Return to the Trade Show: InsureTech Connect 2021

The Great Return to the Trade Show: InsureTech Connect 2021

The Great Return to the Trade Show: InsureTech Connect 2021 736 313 Christian Grunkemeyer

InsureTech Connect will mark my first in-person trade show since the onset of the pandemic. I miss the in-person human interaction and hearing people’s stories! There are so many emotions around this – I’m nervous, excited, and truly curious about what to expect onsite. But most of all, I’m relieved. While DataMotion has already been represented at the HIMSS Conference this year in Las Vegas, I’ve almost attended a number of shows since March 2020. The unknown has become increasingly frustrating, and knowing that I’ll definitely be attending this show is such a great feeling.

I am excited about this event in particular because of the opportunity to help insurance and financial services organizations fix security-related obstacles in their member portal and mobile app workflows. DataMotion has been heavily involved in a number of secure communications projects over the past few years with insurance companies and financial institutions, focusing on integrating a secure messaging center for simplified client and member communications. These integrations bring users, both customers and staff, into established, familiar experiences, such as a mobile app, member portal, or client login. These platform integrations also spare users from being directed to third-party portals to create yet another username and password.

While every organization is different, there is one consistent similarity among our customers: they know, and want, what’s best for their clients. In short, ease of use, coupled with security, is the order of the day.

What we’ve been hearing from folks over the past 18 months (via phone conversations and web conferences, of course) is that an integrated secure message center helps organizations enable a person-centric business model. This, in turn, helps improve the overall customer experience and ultimately maximizes star ratings (e.g. Net Promoter Score), minimizes per-member costs, and promotes competitive advantage through customer service.

In order to achieve these elements, the secure messaging platform needs to integrate into both the client-facing front end and the back end, including the email environment (Microsoft 365, Google), CRM, call center applications, etc. There are a lot of moving parts here, including adherence to regulatory compliance, so it is critical that the platform is as flexible as possible in order to seamlessly integrate into every aspect.

From what we have heard, it seems as if the goal of many organizations is to minimize infrastructure costs by moving to the cloud. This is largely because hosted/cloud services do not require significant capital expenditures. With that flexibility, APIs help facilitate rapid and frictionless integration(s) across an enterprise’s solutions ecosystem (call center, CRM, ticketing system, etc.). The scalability of a cloud solution maximizes useful life, and minimizes year-over-year cost of ownership. The integration goals have been to enable full omnichannel capabilities of their backbone solution(s).

Finally, convenience plays a major role in this shift. It has been established that members prefer to receive plan information electronically, rather than by mail or in person. Providing the ability to access plan information via email not only benefits members with that overall convenience, but also helps promote member retention by easing engagement and building a trusted relationship.

I’d love to hear from everyone who’s attending the conference, and take a few minutes to talk about what you’re doing to provide a more integrated communications experience for your clients and members – maybe we can help! Let’s connect:

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Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!