DataMotion Launches VxRM

A Simple-to-Use Employee Tracking Application for COVID-19 Mandates

New solution helps organizations return to the office safely by securely and efficiently collecting, storing and reporting on employee COVID-19 compliance

[Morristown, New Jersey]  DataMotion, the leader in secure digital exchange, today announced the launch of VxRM, a secure, cost-effective, digital solution for the safe and compliant reopening of the workplace. This new platform serves as a cornerstone for moving forward, providing for the easy and secure submission, collection and reporting of employee COVID-19 vaccine information.  VxRM was built using DataMotion’s cloud-based communication APIs, which enable developers to quickly add secure data exchange to their applications.

According to DataMotion CEO Bob Janacek, VxRM goes beyond the secure collection and storage of employee vaccination status, helping organizations create a safer workplace and comply with mandates. “The major factor here is that of compliance. Federal mandates aside, this type of data is considered health information, meaning that HIPAA regulations come into play when it comes to collection, storage, and reporting.”

The VxRM application’s process is simple, only requiring employees to complete a short form where they easily upload proof of vaccination, weekly test results, or any requests for exemptions. Once responses are securely submitted, a powerful dashboard allows administrators to easily aggregate, analyze and report on the results. With VxRM’s efficient reporting functions, an admin can quickly determine whether employees are within company guidelines. Admins can then report responses and follow up accordingly per company policy and applicable mandates.

“DataMotion created VxRM to meet the need for a secure, cost-effective and simple public health tool as people start returning to the office,” said Janacek. “By leveraging our secure message delivery APIs, this enterprise-grade solution was developed in six weeks.   The solution includes stringent security protocols such as military-grade encryption, a governed database, and a zero-trust security model.  Like everything we do, VxRM was designed with compliance, security, and efficiency in mind.”

While larger enterprises will benefit greatly from the ease of gathering and managing COVID-19 information for thousands of employees, VxRM is suitable for organizations of any size across industries. Signup is immediate and the first five users are free.  For more information on VxRM, please visit or contact DataMotion’s team of experts.

About DataMotion

DataMotion provides a secure digital exchange platform that redefines how organizations communicate, collaborate, and share information with their customers and partners.  Leaders in financial services, insurance, government, healthcare, and call center markets leverage the DataMotion platform to accelerate their business processes.  In the healthcare sector, DataMotion allows for the easy exchange of medical records that facilitate modern clinical exchanges for telehealth, homecare and large-scale solutions, enabling nationwide exchange with over 2.5 million clinical end points. DataMotion provides a suite of self-service APIs and connectors enabling enterprises, developers, software vendors and system integrators the power to create easy-to-use applications and services, seamlessly enhancing their solutions with flexibility and compliance built in.  The DataMotion platform is HITRUST CSF certified.

DataMotion is headquartered in Morristown, N.J.

For more information visit us at or follow DataMotion on LinkedIn and Twitter @datamotion.

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