DataMotion Platform SB

DataMotion Platform: Empowering Secure and Efficient Data Exchange


DataMotion provides digital exchange of messages and documents within existing systems and applications, meeting your employees, customers and partners where they are. We leverage a zero-trust design and military-grade encryption and offer both no-code and low-code solutions, helping you rapidly elevate your digital strategy while balancing secure, compliant communication with reduced costs, superior usability and increased productivity.

We offer a range of solutions for Financial Services, Healthcare and the Public Sector, all built on the DataMotion Platform.

The DataMotion Platform

Our platform includes a robust set of full lifecycle RESTful APIs and standards-based protocols that seamlessly enable disparate systems and applications, including Salesforce, Genesys and Microsoft 365, along with a wide range of customer-facing apps and portals, to securely exchange critical messages and documents.
Amplified by artificial intelligence, our solutions promise significant cost reductions, increased efficiency and rapid data delivery. We have over two decades of experience meeting the demanding needs of enterprise organizations, transparently integrating robust military-grade encryption that follows a zero-trust approach, ensuring the highest compliance and data protection levels.

No-Code Solution

User Story – An Insurance Company’s Experience with DataMotion’s No-Code Solution

With DataMotion’s No-Code solution, the insurance company could quickly integrate a customizable, secure message center within their customer and employee-facing portal without requiring heavy lifting from their development team. Upon signing up for a DataMotion account, the organization selected the custom settings for their secure message center, including whether they require inbound or bi-directional communications, pre-defined subject lines, message recipients, and their custom branding. Finally, they copied and pasted the automatically generated code snippet into their webpage. The result was a rapid development process, a more straightforward experience for end users, and increased security and compliance.

No-Code Solution

  • DataMotion’s comprehensive suite of RESTful APIs and standards-based protocols enable smooth and uninterrupted data flow, eliminating silos between various systems. We seamlessly connect:
    CRM and contact center systems including Genesys and Salesforce
    Employee and client-facing mobile apps and portals
    Email clients including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, and Gmail)
    Identity providers including Okta, Microsoft, and Azure AD
    Other enterprise applications including Microsoft Teams and Power Automate)
    Our integration capabilities extend beyond modern enterprise applications. Unlike many other providers, we leverage a diverse range of standards-based protocols, enabling us to seamlessly integrate with your homegrown and legacy systems.