DataMotion: Seamlessly and Securely Integrating Your Tech Stack

Businesses today face challenges in exchanging documents and messages seamlessly and securely across siloed systems, leading to inefficiencies, lost productivity and increased costs. Secure message and file exchange solutions have traditionally contributed to the problem, as they are standalone systems that are disconnected from existing applications and workflows, adding complexity and creating additional silos of data. A better approach is needed that integrates secure data exchange seamlessly into applications and workflows, eliminating complexity and data silos while increasing security and ease of use.

Smart Secure Data Exchange

DataMotion provides integrated secure data exchange for your employees, customers and partners using no-code and low-code methods. This modern approach will help you rapidly elevate your digital strategy and seamlessly enable secure exchange to delight your users and drive business forward.

DataMotion leverages a no-code experience and a comprehensive suite of RESTful APIs and standards-based protocols to enable smooth and uninterrupted data exchange, increasing ease of use and eliminating silos between various systems. DataMotion‘s powerful integrations seamlessly enable your enterprise platforms, including Salesforce, Genesys, and Microsoft 365, to securely exchange data from within their existing interface. This enables your employees, customers and partners to participate in simple, secure digital exchange in ways that are most convenient and natural for them.

Respond Without Delays

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DataMotion offers many ways to integrate our services with your workflows and applications.

Methods for integrating and exchanging data comprise:

  1.  Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture
  2.  Secure data exchange mechanisms
  3.  Identity Providers (IdPs) for both public and enterprise use
  4.  End user or client devices
  5.  Protocols based on established standards
  6.  Clinical data exchange platforms

Unlike many other providers, DataMotion leverages a diverse range of standards-based protocols that enable seamless integration with homegrown and legacy systems.

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We have a variety of integrations available, including:



Salesforce integration enables the world’s leading CRM to incorporate streamlined and secure communication.

Call Center

Integrating with Genesys allows agents to securely respond to customers without the need to switch between systems.


Identity Provider

Integrating with Okta simplifies the management of user accounts, enhances access control permissions, and bolsters defenses against cyber threats.



Integrating with Microsoft Teams enables secure outreach to users across multiple organizations while delivering a dependable, user-friendly experience.

Enjoy an easy communication experience with DataMotion’s secure exchange.

Save time, increase productivity and scalability, and reduce costs

Our platform easily adapts to future requirements, with seamless scalability for increased secure exchanges and flexibility to integrate with additional applications. No rip and replace of existing solutions.

Centralize and secure data management, maintaining compliance requirements

Our Trust No One, Trust Nothing design lets your risk and compliance group sleep at night. And highly granular logging of all activity gives them the proof they need to please regulators and auditors.

Simplify secure interactions, enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations

Security is best when it’s built-in and transparent. Our integrations allow your employees, systems, partners, and customers to quickly and securely exchange sensitive data in ways that are most natural to them.

DataMotion’s integrations help improve efficiencies, enhance security, and gain real-time access to data. Our platform’s Integrations provide flexible and scalable solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any organization.

Use Case:

DataMotion’s integrated solutions enable call center agents and customers to share secure data within their existing workflows. By accessing the integrated solution within the call center application, the agent can share sensitive information without leaving the application. This allows them to provide a seamless and secure customer experience without sacrificing productivity. Customers can share secure data through their portal, simplifying the workflow and enhancing the user experience. With DataMotion’s integrated solutions, call center agents can focus on delivering superior customer service without worrying about the security and efficiency of data exchange. This increases customer satisfaction, improves agent productivity, and ultimately benefits the business by creating a more efficient process.

About DataMotion

DataMotion enables organizations to leverage no-code and low-code experiences to quickly and efficiently integrate secure data exchange into their workflows. Our platform includes a wide range of RESTful APIs and standards-based protocols that seamlessly integrate disparate systems and applications, including CRM platforms, contact centers, and a range of customer and enterprise applications to securely share and deliver critical messages and documents across native customer, partner, and vendor applications.