DataMotion COVID-19 Pandemic Updated On April 14th

DataMotion COVID-19 Pandemic Updated On April 14th

DataMotion COVID-19 Pandemic Updated On April 14th 600 237 Bob Janacek

As the struggle to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues, on behalf of the entire DataMotion team, I would like to express our deep gratitude to all of the heroes on the front lines of healthcare and public safety that are literally putting their lives on the line for us each day. The virus is proving to be a formidable opponent, but it is bringing out the best in humanity through millions of individual acts of kindness, lifting our collective spirit and strengthening our resolve to return to normal.  I am optimistic that we will defeat the virus and be stronger and more connected as a global people.

In just a few months, COVID-19 has changed the world. Its effect will be long lasting, not only in how we live and interact with each other, but also in the way that we expect business to be done. Over time, although in person meetings will surely become more frequent, parallel digital alternatives will also be expected. The digital competency of business and government must go from just OK to stellar. Encounters that require visits to local branch offices, or, are done by fax or postal mail, must transform to digital ways of accomplishing the same. This trend started with the mobile-first expectations of Gen-Z and Millennials and is being kicked into high gear by current social distancing restrictions.

DataMotion employees are working remotely from their home offices and our cloud services are fully operational. We are delivering SaaS and PaaS services for leading organizations wishing to rapidly modernize the way they do business and interact with their customers, allowing them to meet today’s social distancing constraints and positioning them to meet the higher expectations of the new normal going forward. Contact us if you would like to work together to accomplish the same for your organization.

I wish safety and health for each of the millions of DataMotion customers, and for our friends in the global community. Together, we will create a better and brighter tomorrow.

In closing, I’d like to share an excellent article from Peter Tippett, MD, PhD, Chairman of DataMotion and CEO of careMESH, on practical tips for keeping yourself safe.

Bob Janacek – CEO
DataMotion, Inc.